Knowledge Exchange to Realize “Global hhc” - “hhc Initiative”

September, 2008

On July 10, 2008 “hhc Initiative 2008” was held at the headquarters of Eisai Co., Ltd. (Tokyo), with the attendance of 130 global colleagues including top managements.

hhc Initiative” is planed and held to recognize outstanding achievements among employees' activities including “hhc activities” based on hhc philosophy, and “innovation activities” such as articles solicited within the Company, so that all of us at Eisai understand the importance of these activities conducted from the patients' points of view, and share the purposes and effects of these activities with as many of us as possible.

All the 20 awarded activities for this year were the results of employees' sincere efforts pursuing the best thing they could do for the patients after careful consideration of patients' emotions which the members of awarded activities felt through communication with the patients. Representatives for two most excellent activities among all awarded activities made presentations on their activities and their enthusiasm in seeking patients' satisfaction from their respective positions.

As a special speaker for “hhc Initiative 2008”, Mr. Norio Sasaki, the representative of Japan Psoriatic Patients' Association, was invited to give lecture about psoriasis. Mr. Sasaki, who was a psoriatic patient himself, explained the causes, types and clinical conditions of psoriasis, and talked about what people with psoriasis felt and thought giving examples from his own experiences.

Eisai intends to continue to hold “hhc Initiative” with the aim to help the award winners with achieving further leaps, and to improve the activities which facilitate the realization of global hhc participated by all the employees.

Award winners
Mr. Norio Sasaki