Promote hhc Mindset through Interacting with Patient Associations

July, 2008

At Eisai Co., Ltd., we interact with the patients association on a regular basis to listen and learn from the patients and their family directly and think back about our mission and raison d'etre as a pharmaceutical company.

On January 2008, we invited the members of the patients associations to our drug discovery research facility and offered an opportunity to tour the site and talk with our employees. Our research scientists explained about disease mechanism and the latest treatments, in addition to our sincere efforts to bring a new treatment solution. We listened and learned from opinions and experiences that we had, and shared the same feelings.

“This came as a fresh reminder of which I had almost forgotten; now I am so grateful for the drugs I am taking, and for the people who make them available for us.”
“We can hardly wait for a novel drug, if not now, at the earliest date possible.”
These voices, which were just a couple of examples among many we had from the patients association, strongly reaffirmed us our commitment to the patient and their families.

To realize our corporation philosophy, Eisai continues to provide opportunities and help our employees in various sites to share the feelings of patients and their families directly.