Training Program for ECL Employees to Experience the Medical Workplace

May, 2008

We have introduced the training program for ECL employees that offers a realistic experience of the medical workplace as one of our employee training programs so that our employees can understand matters from the perspective of medical workers and share the values that they put into action.
The study program enables employees to learn from staff members working at the front lines of the medical workplace, take part in topic-based discussions, and experience actual hospital conditions. The comments from those who took part in the discussions with hospital doctors include the following: “The discussions allowed me to directly feel the passion of these doctors for their patients,” and “I was made acutely aware of our duty to live up to the expectations that these professionals have of Eisai.” Another participant in the training program commented “It reaffirmed for me the importance of medical data based on evidence-based medicine (EMB).”

At Eisai, we believe that such discussions with doctors—who experience the medical workplace actually and are in direct contact with the patients and family members there—is the best way to have each and every employee become more fully aware of our role and responsibility as a pharmaceutical company. In the future, we will continue to implement these sorts of training programs.