Sharing hhc Philosophy with More Patients - Our Enthusiasm Made Eisai Day a Great Success

December, 2007

Eisai Thailand Marketing Co., Ltd started its hhc activity out of everybody's passion in the company for making greater contribution to more people in Thailand.

As one of the efforts in our hhc activities, Eisai Thailand established “Eisai Club Member (ECM)” in 2004 to promote exchange between and among patients and their families, medical providers and Eisai Thailand. In addition to the initiative we have focused on to create better personal relationship between employees via Company's News Letter, we started another initiative recently, that is, an annual public seminar at the Eisai Day. At the seminar, information about diseases and care giving are provided and shared with the participants, both patients and their families and medical providers.

Eisai Thailand is receiving requests or inquiries from the people who had participated the seminar before, such as, “Please hold the seminar more frequently. Eisai's seminar is a precious opportunity for us to obtain necessary medical information that is hard to get”, or “When will you give your next seminar?”
We will make the Eisai Day more fulfilling for the people in Thailand and work harder to realize hhc philosophy.