Knowledge Training Conducted at Suzhou Factory (Eisai China Inc.)

October, 2007

On July 2, 2007, “Knowledge Training” was conducted for the division managers at Suzhou Factory of Eisai China Inc. and employees working for the Shanghai office. This training program, based on “Knowledge Leader Training” given in Japan, included visiting the elderly in a nursing home and spending some time with them, and simulating activities of being old.

In the training program, they made a bus trip to the lake nearby the nursing home, where a participant paired up with an elderly and walked around together. At first, the participants were awkward communicating with their elderly partners, but it got lively as time went by, and what's more, participants became to show concerns to their partners as a matter of course, and acted to help them in getting on and off the bus, or with their wheelchairs.

In the simulation activities, the participants wore special sunglasses with narrow views and put some weights around their bodies, learning the realities of disabilities that the elderly are experiencing. The participants noticed so many things through the activities; for one thing, the importance of acting with kindness and sympathy for others. “Eisai Experience”, a video program introducing hhc activities, was also in a part of the training. This provided the participants with another clue to affirm that kindness and sympathy were solid bases for hhc activities.

Not a few participants expressed their appreciation that the training program was a valuable opportunity for them to realize the importance to retaining hhc mind.

Now that the overseas training was kicked off with this Knowledge Training at Suzhou Factory, Eisai is working with overseas subsidiaries and be going on this initiative to foster the sense of hhc mind at other overseas locations.


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