Targeting “Dramatic Leap” for hhc Realization - “hhc Initiative”

July, 2007

hhc Initiative 2006” was held at the headquarters of Eisai Co., Ltd. (Tokyo) on April 13, 2007, with the attendance of 110 global colleagues including top managements.

Outstanding themes in “hhc activities” based on hhc philosophy conducted by the employees, or innovation activities such as articles solicited within the Company are awarded every year, and warm congratulations are extended to members all over the world. “hhc Initiative” is planed and held in the way that the participants gain more sophisticated understanding about the importance of activities from the viewpoint of patients, and that they share the main message passed on at “hhc initiative” with the employees around them.

Fourteen themes were awarded for the year 2006, every one of which is resulted from the devoted activity of the award winners pursuing the best thing they can do for the patients and their continuous efforts. Representative person for five themes among them, which were particular excellence, made presentations on their activities and their enthusiasm in seeking values of patients from their respective positions.

Dr. Hiroaki Nakajima, Director of the Department of Respiration Center, Showa University Yokohama City Northern Hospital, whom we invited to join the “hhc initiative 2006”, gave an emotional speech titled “from Cure to Care, then to Share beyond” encouraging us with a great expectation from the medical field. The speech was impressive and splendid, full of specific experiences Dr. Nakajima went through with his patients.

We intend to continue to hold “hhc Initiative” with the aim to help the award winners with achieving further leaps, and to improve the activities which facilitate the realization of global hhc participated by all the employees.


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