Our Commitment to hhc (human health care)

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June, 2007

It was a bitter cold afternoon after the rain had stopped. I visited a small house area where an aged husband and a wife had lived. The wife had long suffered from Bio psychology symptoms of dementia and the husband had supported her with his heart and soul. She quivered uncontrollably, and could not eat or get dressed,and even difficult for her to use the restroom by herself. His everyday life was to frequently come home from his work in his factory uniform to take care of her. Their neighbors treated them as nuisance and cold-bloodedly told them that they were distress of the neighborhood.
This is the harsh reality that I came to know when I started visiting the families living with a dementia patient.

“All I ask is that these people will endure their misfortune and follow the right path believing divine will without letting things daunt them and without letting their difficulties take over them. What you ask, however, is brought about by something great and what you as a person can give is hope.”

“We are in a good position to give hopes to patients. hhc!”

At Eisai, we share what each employee felt and learned through his/her communication with patients as our “knowledge” (actual knowledge). We consider it important to seek for what we can do to fulfill patients' hopes and take actions. All of our business activities start with the “hhc mind,” which represents caring considerations, and ethics and “actual knowledge.”
Eisai strives to create a society full of hope where patients live each invaluable day in a best possible way by wholeheartedly supporting patients around the world.

[About Knowledge Creation Department]

Knowledge Creation Department is a department that infiltrates and promotes the hhc philosophy to Eisai's employees around the world.
Our activities in recent years include that members of Knowledge Creation Department visit overseas offices and invigorate hhc activities through cooperation with the persons in charge of hhc promotion in each country.

Chihiro Takayama
Knowledge Creation Department