hhc Activities in the UK

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October, 2006

Eisai Ltd is the base for Commercial and Clinical R&D operations. We have rejuvenated our commitment to hhc and initiated a series of activities to provide ‘Care and Service’ to the local community.

In this world of uncertainty and troubles, Commitment is what is needed today and Eisai is committed to hhc.

We have endeavoured to create an environment where employees are made aware and regularly reminded about the importance of hhc in our daily work.

Our hhc Reflections calendars in all the kitchens provide updates about hhc activities, and the hhc mouse mats on all desks remind us of our commitment to patients.
Staff are reminded on a daily basis of the hhc message “First thoughts to Patients”.

To mention a few, our sales force initiated the “Patient/Booklet Diaries” project which was designed to help patients with Dementia.

Another sales group is planning to work with students and young people in the community to raise their awareness of dementia care.

Our office based group supports the local branch of Age Concern. The first of several events planned throughout the year was to host a lunch and ‘Fun Quiz’ at the local Age Concern club. During the Christmas and Easter periods our employees visited Age Concern, held a raffle and gave seasonal gifts. This all proved to be a great way of getting to know what older people enjoy, what they find difficult and what frustrates them in their day-to-day living.

By using Knowledge Creation Techniques in cross-departmental groups we are able to share our concepts, ambitions and expressions. The work at Eisai is continuously growing and improving so that together we can reach our common Goal - the Spirit of hhc!

The joy of working with hhc in mind is enduring.