To Provide Medicines “Safe and Easy to Take, With Easy-to-Use Packaging”

August, 2006

The Eisai Production Division is not only maintaining the effectiveness that has been approved for medicines, but is conducting production activities geared toward producing medicines that are “safe, easy to take, and easy to use.”

The COF Committee has been created to achieve this, gathering members from organizations that manufacture tablets and capsules, organizations that manufacture injection dosages, and organizations that conduct packaging.

The COF Committee got its name from the Misato Plant hhc slogan “Customer-Oriented Factory.” The activities of the committee are to consider what customer-oriented production is, and then actualize this in the product. To achieve this, the committee visits a variety of the facilities that are involved with the medicines before they are supplied to the patients and interacts with the staff of these facilities.

This time we visited distribution centers and health care facilities and learned how medicines were handled at each location.

We also held discussions with the staff of the distribution centers and health care facilities and heard many of their opinions and requests regarding medicines.

This made it possible for us to get a hint as to the nature of medicines that are “safe, easy to take, and easy to use.”

Through this most recent activity, we found that health care facilities waste a lot of time and money taking care of discarded empty boxes. Accordingly, we are working to improve medicines packaging so that it will be easy to disassemble and easy to manage.

With the Eisai Quality Philosophy that “each tablet, each capsule, and each ampule we produce is connected to the life of the patient” engraved deeply in our hearts, we will continue to tackle the activities of the COF Committee.


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