Becoming a Member of the Health Care Team that is Trusted through the Spirit of the “Three-side Wins”

July, 2006

So that we may appropriately supply pharmaceuticals to our patients through health care practitioners, the MR(Medical Representative)'s main job is to provide those practitioners with accurate usage information of pharmaceuticals and also to gather details pertaining to medicinal benefits, side effects, etc.

With the new employees being assigned to their respective departments, we decided that, as Eisai MR, the most important thing we must engage in is to first nurture a “sense of valuing patients' viewpoints.”

Therefore, after having studied how to provide care for dementia patients, we had the opportunity of an on-site health care experience which took place at a group home. By participating in recreational activities, hearing stories on nursing care and having a conversation with those who use such facility and who work as nursing staff, certain “thoughts” developed in the minds of each MR, which were: “We want to somehow break down the status quo of patients with dementia!”, “We want to somehow relieve their families and nursing staff from any worry!” and “We want to lessen the burden of patients and their families as much as possible!”

Based on these “thoughts,” what actions must we take to improve benefits for the patients, who are the focus of health care, as well as their families and others? The MR at Shiga Pharmaceuticals Department took a hint from the spirit of “Sanpou Yoshi (the ‘Three-side Wins’),” a concept passed on to this very day from Oumi merchants, which advocates “urite yoshi (sellers win), kaite yoshi (buyers win), seken yoshi (sosiety wins).” As a result, we came up with our slogan, “ patients win, doctors win and Shiga Pharmaceutical Department wins.” With this in mind, we promise to conduct our daily MR work through hhc activities in aim to fulfill CSR.