“Pioneering” to Achieve an Enhancement of Benefits to Patients and Families - hhc Initiative -

June, 2006

Eisai recognizes the hhc philosophy as a common value, not one merely of an individual. Each employee is tackling hhc activities in their division and organization throughout the world in order to realize the hhc philosophy in their daily work.

Every year, “hhc Initiative” is held with the attendance of the world's top management and employees to commend and share excellent hhc activities that especially contribute to the improvement of benefits for patients and families. The title of this event is consistent with our wish to link the spirit of “initiative” to the added meanings of “pioneer,” “ambition,” “lead,” “discovery” and “originality” to global hhc activities.

In the hhc Initiative, we also create opportunities called “Messages from the Site” to listen to valuable stories from people who take an active role in various field sites including medical care.

We invited Sister Akiko Takeshima, of the Missionary Sisters of Christ the King, to join the hhc Initiative in 2005. Sister Takeshima has contributed to health and welfare activities in Haiti, known as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, for 15 years. We were able to hear about the true state of medical care in developing countries and the expectations for society and pharmaceutical companies.

To listen to messages from many sites with a focus on human health care and have each of the employees ask themselves what one can do is itself the basic stance of Eisai.