Recent Topics Regarding Social Contribution in France

October, 2005

The Eisai Foundation's Social Contribution Program, which was established in France in May 2002 by Eisai S.A.S (EFS), Eisai's sales company in Paris, is currently undertaking three different projects, outlined below.

The first project is the ‘Vieillir en France (Splendor of Getting Old),’ a joint project by the French government and the Eisai Foundation. The aim is to create a safe society for the elderly to live in. All 63 cities in France will plan and undertake a yearly project, and the city that performs the best will be presented with an award. The theme for the project is 'Contributions Towards the Elderly.'

The award ceremony will be held on May 16th every year; this day will be called the ‘Respect for the Aged Day’ in the future. The inaugural ceremony held in 2005 was covered by a wide range of news media companies.

The Award Ceremony

The aim for the second project ‘Planete Cerveau (Brain Planet),’ is to enhance knowledge about the role of the brain and the related diseases, to highlight medical development and the corresponding hopes towards a future, and to emphasize the importance of wanting to care for the elderly, to as wide an audience as possible. This project requires the Eisai Foundation to work with the French Neurology Association, the French Cerebral Nerve Research Facility (government facility), family support groups, and the Musee de l'Homme (Museum of Mankind) to hold exhibitions, lectures, education programs for children, etc, over the course of four months from September, 2005. The profit gained from the entrance fees will be donated to the Cerebral Nerve Research Facility.


The third project is a new project connected with the essay collection entitled ‘TRAIT D'UNION (bond)’ published last year, which aimed to deepen the bond between the elderly and younger members of society. Last year's project generated more response than we expected and we received many strong requests to repeat the project. The title for this year's project will be 'How I would like to be several decades from now.' A painting exhibition by children and celebrated painters is also planned in conjunction with the project.

Exhibition Hall

As these projects indicate, EFS not only contributes to society through its regular business activities but also continues to actively participate in society in a broader fashion in its constant pursuit of being an hhc company. EFS engages in daily activities based on the consideration of “What we can do for people and society as a whole,” and regards the outcome of those activities as a form of hhc.


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