Group Home Hands-on Experience Activities

September, 2005

As an activity to teach employees of Eisai about the feelings of elderly patients suffering from dementia, to reduce the emotional distance from them, we have conducted training sessions annually at group homes since 2002 (nursing home facilities with up to 10 patients). Participating employees take one-week of paid leave for volunteer work and receive training at a group home in the region where they live.

At the group home, the trainees participate in the daily life of the elderly dementia patients, interacting with the patients, their families and the nursing staff, and experiencing the importance of giving consideration and devoting effort to the patients, they learn how the elderly with dementia must be cared for.

Prior to the hands-on training, the employees participate in a two-day training session to learn about the group home's principles and how its activities are conducted and to gain the basic skills used in nursing care of the elderly with senile dementia.

As a corporate citizen of our region, we plan to continue this kind of activity to have our employees contribute to caring for the elderly with dementia, as well as their families.