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In July 2022, Eisai reformed its global Research and Development (R&D) organization to a new R&D organization with the concept of DHBL (Deep Human Biology Learning). With this organization reform, Eisai has transitioned to DHBL Drug Discovery and Development based on the best of our own technologies, creating synergy with “C&I” (Collaboration & Incubation) and “A&I” (Academia/ Industry Alliance).


Under the new DHBL Drug Discovery and Development approach, diseases are viewed as a Disease Continuum, with comprehensive analysis of the genomic, pathophysiological and clinical information associated with the root cause of the disease being the first step in redefining the disease concept. Eisai aims to create innovative and efficient next-generation drug discovery concepts by deepening our knowledge of human biology and acquiring data that will lead to next-generation drug discovery using AI and other technologies, based on biomarker and imaging data from patients currently using our drugs. Eisai defines DHBL Drug Discovery and Development as data-driven drug discovery starting from reverse translational human biology based on clinical data, and aim to transform neurodegenerative diseases and cancer into curable diseases by the DHBL Drug Discovery and Development process cycle.


DHBL Drug Discovery and Development, a matrix with five "Domains," which are drug discovery research axes based on the neurology and oncology fields where we can demonstrate our strength in human biology, and five "Functions," which classify R&D functions from drug discovery hypothesis formulation to obtaining new drug approval has been formed under the supervision of the Chief Scientific Officer (CSCO). In addition, the position of Chief Portfolio Officer (CPOO) has been established, holding responsibility for portfolio strategy, optimal allocation of management resources, and efficient project promotion. A new DHBL office has also been established to consolidate information and governance, aiming for efficient drug discovery and development through shared functions and unified operations.


On the other hand, the clinical development, regulatory, medical, value and access, marketing, and alliance management functions related to Disease Modifying Therapies (DMT) for Alzheimer's disease (AD) and related brain health diseases, including the next-generation AD treatment lecanemab, currently our most important project, have been reorganized as Alzheimer's Disease and Brain Health (ADBH) under the Global AD Officer, looking toward obtaining approval and building a solid launch structure for AD-DMT.

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