R&D System

A Drug Creation (R&D) Framework Within an End-to-End Business Group Structure

Having identified neurology and oncology as areas of focus, Eisai aims to tackle diseases for which treatments are yet to be fully established. By actively concentrating R&D resources in these areas, Eisai continues to dedicate itself to discovering new and highly effective treatments. The company’s drug creation framework has four divisions: Neurology Business Group (NBG), Oncology Business Group (OBG), Medicine Development Center (MDC) and hhc Data Creation Center (hDAC).

NBG and OBG each have their own strategic divisions, including functions ranging from drug discovery and research, clinical research to medical and business development (license-in/out), and are structured to be able to make quick decisions and nurture scientific acumen. MDC meanwhile provides a basic platform for drug creation through providing essential technology and support in areas such as non-clinical safety, pharmacokinetics, CMC (chemistry, manufacturing, control), pharmaceutical regulations and clinical development support. hDAC serves as a big data center, using AI (artificial intelligence) and other advanced analytical technologies to assess clinical and non-clinical data from internal and external sources, with the aim of enabling new drug creation research underpinned by ICT-driven innovation.

Eisai's Drug Creation System

Eisai's Drug Discovery, Research and Development Sites Worldwide

Eisai carries out drug discovery research, drug development research and clinical research throughout the world. Eisai pursues innovative new drug creation by promoting the exchange of various knowledge and ideas from around the world.

European Knowledge Centre, Drug discovery research and clinical research(U.K.), Koishikawa Knowledge Center, Clinical research(Tokyo, Japan), Tsukuba Research Laboratories, Drug discovery and development research(Ibaraki, Japan), H3 Biomedicine Inc., Drug discovery research(U.S.), Eisai Center for Genetics Guided Dementia Discovery(G2D2), Drug discovery research(U.S.), Knowledge Center, India, Drug development research(India), Eisai China Inc., Clinical research(China), EA Pharma Co., Ltd., Clinical research(Tokyo, Japan), EA Pharma Co., Ltd. Research Institute Drug discovery and development research(Kanagawa, Japan), Eisai Clinical Research Singapore Pte. Ltd., Clinical research(Singapore), KAN Research Institute, inc., Drug discovery research(Kobe, Japan), Kawashima Laboratory, Drug development research(Gifu, Japan), Kashima Laboratory, Drug development research (Ibaraki, Japan), Eisai Inc., Clinical research(U.S.), Exton Site, Drug discovery research(U.S.) (EPAT : Epochal Precision Anti-Cancer Therapeutics)and development research
Drug Discovery Research and Development Sites