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July 31, 2006
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Eisai Starts Marketing Severe Chronic Pain Agent Prialt(R) in the UK and Germany

Eisai Ltd. (Managing Director: Paul Hooper) of the UK and Eisai GmbH (General Manager: Andreas Wiegand) of Germany, subsidiaries of Eisai Co., Ltd. of Tokyo (President and CEO: Haruo Naito) started marketing non-opioid severe chronic pain agent Prialt(R) (generic name: ziconotide acetate) in the UK and Gemany respectively. Other subsidiaries in Europe will follow.

Eisai concluded an agreement with Elan Corporation, plc. of Ireland, (President and CEO: Kelly Martin) for the strategic product acquisition of Prialt(R) on February 8th, 2006 to obtain development, manufacturing and marketing rights for Prialt(R) for the European region from Elan.

Prialt(R) is a peptide which is the synthetic equivalent of a peptide found in a marine snail. It suppresses pain by selectively blocking N-type calcium channels on nerves. In December 2004, the US FDA approved Prialt(R) for the management of severe, chronic pain in patients who require intrathecal analgesia. Prialt(R) has been awarded an orphan drug status in the European Union, and was granted a Marketing Authorization through the European Union's Centralized Procedure in February 2005. Prialt(R) is the first medicine that was approved in Europe as a non-opioid, intrathecal, severe chronic pain agent.

Prialt(R)'s launch in Europe means that Eisai steps into oncology and critical care which is one of our franchise areas and believes that Prialt(R) will meet the needs of patients with severe chronic pain in Europe and contribute to increase their benefits.

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[See the attached for the outline of Prialt(R) as a reference]

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[About Prialt(R)]
Product name : Prialt(R) 100micro gram/1 mL, Prialt(R) 100micro gram/1 mL solution for infusion
Prialt(R) 200micro gram/2 mL, Prialt(R) 200micro gram/2 mL solution for infusion
Prialt(R) 500micro gram/5 mL, Prialt(R) 500micro gram/5 mL solution for infusion

Generic name :ziconotide acetate

Indication : Treatment of severe, chronic pain in patients who require intrathecal analgesia

Dosing and Administration :
Ziconotide must be administered as a continuous infusion via an intrathecal catheter, using an external or internally implanted mechanical infusion pump capable of delivering an accurate infusion volume. Initiated at 2.4micro gram/day and titrated on an individual patient basis according to the patient's analgesic response and adverse reactions. Patients should be titrated in dose increments of <= 2.4micro gram/day, up to a maximum dose of 21.6micro gram/day. The recommended interval between dose increases is 48 hours or more.