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January 24, 2006
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Eisai establishes a European strategic business hub in the U.K.

Eisai Europe Ltd. (Headquarter: London, President: Yutaka Tsuchiya), a regional headquarter in Europe and a subsidiary of Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarter: Tokyo, President and CEO: Haruo Naito) concluded the Heads of Terms with Arlington Securities Ltd. in the U.K. on land sales and the development to establish a strategic business hub in Europe. Eisai will consolidate the internal functions including discovery research, clinical development, production, sales and headquarters operations in Europe in this place to establish a strategic business hub which will be a center of business activities across Europe.

The site Eisai concluded the Heads of Terms this time is about 14.6 acres of land in the Hatfield Business Park located in the northern London and a new manufacturing subsidiary with plants will be built here. The construction will be started in 2006 and Eisai Europe Ltd., an existing regional headquarter in Europe, and Eisai Ltd., a subsidiary of clinical research and sales, will be sequentially relocated to this site. Further adding a discovery research function to the site to expand and strengthen Eisai London Research Laboratories, Ltd., a subsidiary of discovery research located at the University of London (UCL), the first production and research activities for drug discovery will be started in 2008. Eisai assumes that total invested amount including cost for purchasing the land will be approx. 15 billion yen. Furthermore, establishment of the hub will create more than 500 jobs in total including new employment of 300 employees in the Hatfield Business Park.

Eisai considers European regions very important because they have not only high potential for growth in the pharmaceutical market but the system of advanced scientific technology and clinical development. Above all, the U.K. has an innovative history in the field of life science and it is a cluster for the pharmaceutical industry. Accordingly, Eisai decided that the U.K. would be the best place to establish a strategic business hub. Eisai has already discovered a new chemical compound which is under development as a drug for neurodegenerative diseases including Parkinson's disease, epilepsy and multiple sclerosis in the research laboratory at the University of London (UCL) established in 1990. Eisai looks for a discovery leading to a further breakthrough by establishing a new strategic business hub in this region which is a cluster for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries in the U.K.

The establishment of a strategic business hub in Europe this time will enable us to create a seamless value chain in which the internal functions including discovery research, clinical development R&D, production, sales, and the management and provision of information used in safety monitoring are closely coordinated with each other and quick and stable provision of high quality products in accordance with patient needs with useful information will be possible. With this seamless value chain, Eisai will work on further improvement of the efficiency, productivity and quality of our products.

Eisai has already set up sales subsidiaries in major regions of Europe including the U.K., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and Sweden to improve the sales structure of our pharmaceutical products. Eisai will strive to accelerate the expansion of our business with a comprehensive view of all over the Europe, enhance satisfaction of patients and contribute to the improvement of benefits of more patients in Europe in the future.

[Attached is the overview of the European pharmaceutical and biotechnology Industries in UK for reference]

Eisai Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Department

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President Naito at Press Conference in the U.K.
President Naito at Press Conference in the U.K.