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News Release

September 22, 2005

Lost Hard Disk Drive Containing Personal Information in Japan

The Company learned approximately 8 a.m. on September 12 that a hard disk drive (HDD) containing business-related personal data had been lost at Eisai Co., Ltd.'s (Headquarters: Tokyo, President and CEO: Haruo Naito) sales office in the area of Kumamoto, Japan. This HDD was only for use with personal computers for business activities within the office.

Despite extensive search efforts at the office and at internal waste-collection points as well as with the waste disposal contractor, the HDD was not discovered and the loss was reported to the local police on September 17.

The relevant HDD contained personal data on 2,757 persons including healthcare providers, agents and employees in the Kumamoto area of Japan - primarily such data focused on the individual's names and their office information.

Since it is extremely difficult to access this HDD because the data is safeguarded by the company's proprietary security software and both the HDD and PCs are password-protected, we believe it is highly unlikely that any information theft would occur. To date there has been no report that the stolen personal data has been improperly used. We would like to offer our sincerest apologies to all those whom this incidence may cause concern.

We recognize that the protection of personal information is a top priority and have developed a strict internal information management system while conducting education and training programs to avoid personal information leakage. However, we will accelerate efforts to reinforce information management aimed at preventing the recurrence of a similar incident.


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