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News Release

April 1, 2005

Eisai Announces the Merger of Two Subsidiaries in Taiwan

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President and CEO: Haruo Naito) announced today the merger of two Taiwan subsidiaries, involving a manufacturing and marketing subsidiary, Eisai Taiwan Inc. (Headquarters: Taipei, Chairman and President and CEO: Yoichi Endo), and another marketing subsidiary in Taiwan, Wei-zai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Taipei, President: Fang-ming Chang). The surviving company is Eisai Taiwan Inc.

Eisai set up its first sales office in Taipei in 1967 and has since developed and expanded business in Taiwan, marked by the establishment of a manufacturing facility and marketing subsidiaries. Eisai's current core business in Taiwan is manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals including major global products, ARICEPT(R), an Alzheimer's disease treatment and PARIET(R), a proton pump inhibitor.

Through this merger, the surviving company, Eisai Taiwan Inc. will aim at expanding marketing efforts and enhancing competitiveness in the market to improve performance in the Taiwan pharmaceutical business and provide further contributions to the benefits of patients.

[Surviving Company Outline]
Company Name:Eisai Taiwan Inc.
Location:Taipei, Taiwan
Representative:Chairman and CEO, Yoichi Endo
Capital:270 million NT dollar (approximately 920 million yen)
Net Sales:Approximately 1.5 billion yen (estimate for fiscal 2005)
Number of employees:Approximately 100
(including 30 medical representatives)
Operations: Manufacture, import/export, sale of pharmaceuticals and manufacture, import, sale of quasi drugs
Form:Limited liability company

[The outline of the two subsidiaries before merger and the size of the Taiwan market are attached hereto for reference]

Eisai Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Department
Phone 03-3817-5120 (Tokyo)

[Reference Data]

1.  Outline of Eisai Taiwan Inc. and Wei-zai Co., Ltd. before merger

Eisai Taiwan Inc.
(Surviving company)
Wei-zai Co., Ltd.
(Expired company)
Operations:Manufacture and sale of pharmaceuticalsSale of pharmaceuticals
Established:June 1967
Taipei Office set up
April 1995
Subsidiary established
[Tainan Plant]
November 1984
April 1991
Location:Taipei, TaiwanTainan, TaiwanTaipei, Taiwan
Representative:Yoichi Endo-Fang-ming Chang
Capital:NT$ 250 million -NT$ 20 million
Number of employees:82
(including 17 MRs)
(including 12 MRs)

2.  Size of Taiwan market
Population of Taiwan: Approximately 23 million
Population of Taipei: Approximately 2.8 million
Value of the Taiwan pharmaceutical market: Approximately 300 billion yen