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News Release

January 18, 2005

ACIPHEX (R)/ PARIET (R) Expanded Manufacturing Facility Completed at Misato Plant

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito) announced today the company celebrated the dedication of a new formulation facility, N1 Building, at the Misato Plant in Saitama Prefecture, on January 18.

The N1 Building will enable the company to expand the production capacity for the proton pump inhibitor, ACIPHEX (R)/ PARIET (R) (rabeprazole sodium), meeting increasing worldwide demand while reducing the production cost*1. In addition, the facility has incorporated packaging operations previously performed in the older building and was also designed to accommodate regulatory agencies' guidelines for Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs), which have become increasingly stringent for all pharmaceutical manufacturers.
The N1 Building is designed for maximum operational safety, protecting workers from any potential chemical hazard, as well as taking resource conservation into consideration by introducing a variety of cutting-edge energy-efficient equipment*2.

PARIET(R) was first launched in Japan in 1977, and it was launched under the tradename ACIPHEX (R) in the United States in 1999. Currently the product has been launched in approximately 72 countries worldwide.

With the completion of the new N1 Building, for ACIPHEX (R)/ PARIET (R) production expansion, Eisai's Misato Plant will become one of the company's flagship manufacturing facilities.

Eisai has a long history of introducing innovative new treatments in gastroenterology and will continue to contribute to the treatment of patients with acid related diseases.

Notes :
"reducing the production cost":
New larger coating machinery has been introduced to increase the plant's capacity per lot for the purpose of reducing production and inspection cost and lead time.

"a variety of cutting-edge energy-efficient equipment":
Including ice thermal storage, efficiently partitioned air-conditioning areas (reduction of air-conditioning load), outside-air cooling system, high-efficient motors, inverter type lighting apparatus, outer-walls with less outlets.


Corporate Communications Department
Eisai Co., Ltd.
Phone 03-3817-5120 (Tokyo)

[ The outline of N1 Building and Misato Plant are attached below for reference. ]

[Reference Data]

[ N1 Building Outline ]
• Production items:ACIPHEX (R)/ PARIET (R)
• Total construction cost:yen4.3 billion (Building: yen3.5 billion,  Production and other equipment: yen0.8 billion)
• Structure:Five-story steel reinforced concrete (Length: 42.0m, Width: 77.5m, Height: 25.12m)
• Total floor area:12,154 square meters
• Building area:3,527 square meters
• Construction background   :
    Groundbreaking : February 10, 2004
    Dedication : January 18, 2005
    Operation Commencement : late March 2005
• Construction   : Taisei Corporation

[ N1 Building Floor Area and Functions ]

5 FMechanical floor (air conditioning, electricity generation & other machinery)
4 F(Administrative room, meeting room, dressing room etc.)
3 FFormulation (Mixing, tableting, coating, washing, etc.)
2 F(Administrative room, meeting room, dressing room etc.)
1 FPackaging (PTP line and smaller-sized packaging line)

Note : The building is a five-storied structure but incorporates the second and fourth floor as mezzanine floors.

[ Misato Plant Outline ]
• Location:950, Oaza-Hiroki, Misato-machi, Kodama-gun, Saitama, Japan
• Director:Toshio Kaneko
• Employees:Approximately 500 persons (as of the end of September 2004)
• Site Area:170,000 square meters
(Production area: 34,900 square meters,   Green space: 52,800 square meters,   Community facilities, road and other areas: 82,300 square meters)
• Operations:Production of ACIPHEXR/PARIET(R) (for global distribution), pharmaceutical products including METHYCOBAL(R) (for Japanese market) and healthcare products including CHOCOLA(R) BB product series.
• Concept:Customer-Oriented Factory

N1 Building Photograph
Misato Plant N1 Building