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News Release

August 5, 2004

Eisai Launches SAHNE(R) WHITE, A Medicated Skin Cream that Provides
Protection Against Spots and Produces Smooth Skin

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito) announced the August 5 launch of SAHNE(R) WHITE, a medicated skin cream that provides protection against spots and produces smooth skin. SAHNE(R) WHITE contains vitamin C, natural type vitamin E and hydrolysis collagen (moisturizing ingredient).

SAHNE(R) WHITE is a hand and body care cream that prevents spots through the melanin-suppressing property of vitamin C and the antioxidative effects of natural type vitamin E and vitamin C (active ingredients). The blend of moisturizing ingredient hydrolysis collagen results in an easy to spread and quickly absorbed cream that maintains a smooth, lasting feeling of moistness to the skin. SAHNE(R) WHITE is a slightly acidic fragrance- and color-free skin cream formulated to be kind to the skin. Because it provides protection against spots while also moisturizing the skin, SAHNE(R) WHITE is appropriate for use during any season of the year.

With this launch of SAHNE(R) WHITE, Eisai aims to enhance the value of the SAHNE(R) WHITE skincare family of products, which includes SAHNE(R) WHITE , by expanding the product brand beyond its recognition as a cream for the "prevention of rough skin" to a cream that will "bring about beautiful skin."

Through SAHNE(R) WHITE, Eisai will establish a new market for itself in hand and body skin-spot prevention and contribute to upgrading beauty benefits to women who want to retain young-looking skin forever.

[The product outline and a photograph are attached below for reference.]

Product Outline
Product Photograph