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News Release

May 12, 2004

Eisai Launches SACLON (R) & SACLON (R) Tablets with Increased Ingredients for Restoration of Damaged Stomach Mucosa and Acid Neutralization

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito) announced the May 12th launch of SACLON (R) (granules) and SACLON (R) Tablets, new products in the SACLON (R) family, which have more active ingredients for restoration of damaged stomach mucosal membranes and acid neutralization.

SACLON (R) and SACLON (R) Tablets contain more potassium copper chlorophyllin which is effective for the relief and protection of damaged gastric mucosa arising from alcohol consumption or excessive acid secretion. These products also contain greater quantities of an improved acid neutralizer, thereby offering more effective relief than the marketed product, SACLON (R) S. In addition, the finer granulated powder of SACLON (R), which dissolves more easily in the mouth, is easier to swallow and offers a more comfortable, refreshed feeling.

According to a survey conducted by an independent party in 2003, half of all people of ages ranging from twenties through fifties have experienced stomach discomfort caused by a hangover or over-drinking. Those aged around thirty in particular tend to have more frequent opportunities for drinking, and this tendency shows signs of increasing.

With the launch of SACLON (R) and SACLON (R) Tablets with increased active ingredients, Eisai hopes to contribute to an improved quality of life for patients suffering from a variety of stomach ailments such as upset stomach, stomachache and heartburn from alcohol consumption and other causes.

[The product outline and a photograph are attached below for reference.]

Product Outline
Product Photograph
SACLON and SACLON Tablets photo