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News Release

November 10, 2003

Eisai Launches Natural Vitamin E Capsule, JUVELUX(R) E PURE

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito), announced the November 11th launch of JUVELUX(R) E PURE, a drug containing natural vitamin E.

JUVELUX(R) E PURE contains natural vitamin E that is superior to synthetic or natural-type vitamin E in its ease of absorption by the body, resulting in higher potency. The product effectively relieves such symptoms as stiffness in the shoulders and neck, and numbness or coldness in the hands and feet resulting from poor peripheral circulation.

Until now, natural vitamin E capsules were manufactured by filling soft capsules with vitamin E dissolved in solvents such as cottonseed oil or Japanese basil oil. In contrast, JUVELUX(R) E PURE is the first natural vitamin E product manufactured without use of such solvents. This novel manufacturing technology results in a 30% reduction in capsule size compared to Eisai's formerly launched products, which makes it much easier to swallow.

According to a survey of approximately 2,000 men and women of ages ranging from their teens through sixties on subjective symptoms in daily life, the incidence of women in their thirties to forties experiencing symptoms such as coldness in the hands and feet or stiffness in the shoulders and neck was higher than that for other ages. More than half of those women had endured suffering from such symptoms without taking any effective treatment. JUVELUX(R) E PURE is a product especially beneficial for such patients.

With this product launch, the JUVELUX(R) family of products will include JUVELUX(R) 300, JUVELUX(R)f, JUVELUX(R) L, and JUVELUX(R) E PURE. The Company aims to enhance promotion for the JUVELUX(R) brand and to educate people about the effectiveness of natural vitamin E through various media including the website '' (URL: (Japanese only)).