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News Release

November 5, 2003

Notice Concerning Dissolution of Subsidiary

  Listed Stock Name : Eisai Co., Ltd.
  Headquarters Location : 4-6-10, Koishikawa Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
  President and CEO : Mr. Haruo Naito
  Securities Code : 4 5 2 3
  Listed Locations : First Sections of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
& the Osaka Securities Exchange
  Inquiries : Mr. Hiroyuki Mitsui
Vice President
Public Relations & General Affairs
Phone 81-3-3817-5085

Notice Concerning Dissolution of Subsidiary

Eisai Pharma-Chem Europe Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Eisai Co., Ltd., (Headquarters: UK) resolved its dissolution at its Board of Directors Meeting held on November 15, 2003. Details are noted below.

1. Reason for Dissolution
In view of recent changes in the chemicals market situation in Europe, Eisai Pharma-Chem Europe Ltd. ceased its operation of providing support in the sales of the chemical products which Eisai Co., Ltd. sells in Europe.
2. Outline of the Subsidiary Dissolved

Company Name : Eisai Pharma-Chem Europe Ltd.
Headquarters Location : Ground Floor, Marine House, Meadlake Place, Thorpe Lea RoadEgham, Surrey TW 8BF, UK
Representative : Mr. Akio Tsuri (Managing Director)
Description of Operations : Support on sales of the chemical products and sales of bulk of food products
Date of Incorporation : May 24, 1989
Capital : UKPound100 thousand
3. Schedule of Liquidation

Scheduled to be completed within fiscal year 2004.
4. Effect on Business Results

This dissolution will have a slight effect on the business results of Eisai Co., Ltd.

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