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News Release

February 24, 2003

CHOCOLARFE CARE, A 50ml Bottle Iron and Medicinal Herb Extract Drink

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito) announced the March 3rd launch of CHOCOLARFE CARE drink, a quasi drug, containing iron and extract of medicinal herbs.

CHOCOLARFE CARE is a drink containing iron which is often deficient in women and the extract of two medicinal herbs (Toki and Shakuyaku) with a Japanese plum flavoring. CHOCOLARFE CARE is a nutritional supplement and beneficial in times of physical fatigue, malnutrition and for persons of frail constitution. Vitamin B2 is essential for creating energy by promoting fat metabolism, and 15 mg of vitamin B2, which is the maximum quantity for quasi-drugs, is included in CHOCOLARFE CARE as well as other products in the current CHOCOLAR drink family. Each bottle contains only 13.2 calories.

With respect to the CHOCOLAR drink product family, Eisai Co., Ltd. launched CHOCOLARBB FRESH in April of 2000, CHOCOLARBB LIGHT in July of 2001, and CHOCOLARBB ROYAL in November of 2001. CHOCOLARFE CARE will satisfy individual needs of consumers suffering from physical fatigue.

< Iron >
Iron is one of the components contained in hemoglobin of the red blood cell, which is in the form of heme iron, and circulates in the entire body and carries oxygen. Symptoms associated with iron deficiency include getting tired easily or a dull feeling of the body. Women in particular often lack iron in their blood, and a survey reported that young women in their 20's ~ 30's were about 40 percent deficient in iron. (The data from National Nutrition Survey in Japan conducted in 2001)

< Toki, Shakuyaku >
Toki and Shakuyaku are medicinal herbs which are recognized to have an effect to improve blood circulation and are often utilized to energize people with general physical fatigue.

For additional information about CHOCOLARFE CARE and Eisai's other consumer health care products, please contact Eisai's Consumer Hotline.

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