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News Release

February 6, 2003

Eisai Co., Ltd. Starts SKAINARR Pollen Information Service

Eisai Co., Ltd. ( Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito) starts SKAINARR Pollen Forecasting Information service on the internet from February 7 th (Friday) and on the internet for mobile telephones from February 15 th (Saturday), and provides pollen forecasting information everyday with twice daily renewals in the morning and in the evening. This information service is available until the conclusion of the pollen season (the end of May).

The quantity of pollen in the air changes depending on daily weather conditions such as the temperature and wind speed/direction. With timely pollen count information, people who suffer from hay fever can take appropriate precautions to alleviate unpleasant symptoms of rhinitis.

SKAINARR Pollen Forecasting Information is provided based on weather information from the Japan Weather Association (contents are produced by HALEX CORPORATION) .

Internet (February 7 - End of the pollen season)

Information on the pollen forecasting is available in all areas of Japan, including Hokkaido, Tohoku, and Kyushu (excluding Okinawa) from this year. in Japanese)

Internet for mobile telephones (February 15 - End of the pollen season)

Mobile telephone service starts from this year. Information on pollen forecasting is available in all areas of Japan (excluding Okinawa) by i-mode (NTT Docomo), J-Sky (J-Phone), EZ Web (au/TU-KA). in Japanese)