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News Release

Mar 21, 2001

" Don't Surrender to Dementia " Website Opens

Eisai Co., Ltd.

Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

" Don't Surrender to Dementia " Website Opens

(March 21, 2001) - Eisai Co., Ltd. of Tokyo (Presidentand CEO: Haruo Naito) and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals Inc. of Tokyo (President: Alan Bootes) announce the opening on March 22nd of the website, Don't Surrender to Dementia.

The website, Don't Surrender to Dementia, jointly produced by both companies, focuses on increasing the understanding of Dementia for patients, their families, caregivers as well as for the general public. The editorial supervisors include: Akira Honma, M.D., Head of the Department of Psychiatry of the Tokyo Metropolitan Institute of Gerontology, Fukashi Utaka, M.D., Head of the Neurology Department of the Sumitomo Hospital, and Yoshio Miyake, M.D., Vice President of the Alzheimer's Association of Japan.

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What is Dementia?
A simple and easy-to-understand explanation of Dementia.
Don't Overlook the symptoms associated with Dementia!
Points that should not be overlooked in the early detection of Dementia.
Where can I get advice concerning Dementia?
An introduction of institutions and organizations dealing with Dementia to contact when you face problems involving Dementia.
Care for patients with Dementia
An introduction for the care of patients with Dementia and practical information for family members and caregivers.

In the future this website, which focuses on Dementia, will provide useful and up-to-date information to assist you in understanding and dealing with Dementia.


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