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News Release

Oct 11, 2000


Tokyo (October 11, 2000) - Eisai Co., Ltd. of Tokyo (President and CEO: Haruo Naito) announced the launch on October 12th , of BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips.

BREATHE RIGHT is a nasal strip with plastic bands worn on the nose. Two bands of plastic in the BREATHE RIGHT nasal strip attempt to straighten gently lifting the sides of the nose. BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips widen the space in the nasal valve, instantly making it easier to breathe. BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips have been confirmed to improve nasal breathing by approximately 30 percent.

Using BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips are particularly beneficial at the change of seasons when nasal congestion occurs; when snoring is caused by nasal congestion; and when doing sports to improve the intake of oxygen.

BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips are produced by CNS Inc. of Bloomington, Minnesota (President: Marti Morfitt) and were first launched in Japan in 1996 by Sumitomo 3M Ltd. From now Eisai Co., Ltd. will sell BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips in Japan.

< BREATHE RIGHT Product Outline >

Product Name:BREATHE RIGHT nasal strips
Packaging/Price, etc.

10 strip pack: yen750
Sizes : regular & large strips
Color : transparent type, skin color type
Manufacturer: CNS Inc.
Importer: Herusu Co., Ltd.
Distributor: Eisai Co., Ltd.