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News Release

April 21, 1999

Novo Nordisk Pharma Ltd. and Eisai Co., Ltd. Announced Distribution & Promotion Agreement for Glucagon G Novo

Novo Nordisk Pharma Ltd.
Eisai Co., Ltd.

Novo Nordisk Pharma Ltd. (President: Roger Moore, Headquarters: Tokyo) and Eisai Co., Ltd. (President: Haruo Naito, Headquarters: Tokyo) today announced that they will enter a Distribution and Promotion Agreement in which Eisai will exclusively distribute and promote in Japan Glucagon G Novo, a genetically engineered Glucagon preparation. Under this agreement Eisai will start distribution from June 1, 1999.

"The collaboration between Eisai Co., Ltd. which has an established reputation and strong commitment in the gastroenterology area and Novo Nordisk Pharma which aims to intensify focus on the diabetes and growth hormone areas, will be beneficial for both companies as well as the medical community and patients. And we are expecting expanded usage of Glucagon G Novo, as a specialized preparation with important potential, by Eisai's active medical information activities." said Roger Moore, President, Novo Nordisk Pharma.

Tadashi Nakai, responsible for pharmaceutical operations and Managing Director of Eisai Co., Ltd., noted that "the current alliance fully complements our gastrointestinal product line including Pariet and Selbex. Utlizing our new sales structure implemented in April, we will provide appropriate usage information in order to ensure that medical professionals and patients can receive the greatest possible benefits."

Glucagon G Novo is prescribed for "the pre-treatment for the X-ray or the Endoscopic Examination of the Digestive Tract" and for "the first aid treatment of Hypoglycemia". Novo Nordisk A/S (Denmark) developed it as the world's first biosynthesis in yeast. Glucagon G Novo replaced Glucagon, extracted from animal pancreas and imported by Novo Nordisk Pharma from 1996. Glucagon G Novo has been imported and distributed by Novo Nordisk Pharma from April 1, 1998 when they started self-distribution. The sales results in 1998 were about 5.3 billion yen on the Japanese National Health Insurance drug price basis.