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News Release

April 12, 1999

Tokyo District Court Orders a Prohibitory Injunction Requiring Suspension of Production and Sales Concerning the Patent Infringement of the "Eitest PIVKA-II" Patent

Eisai Co., Ltd.
Sanko Junyaku Co., Ltd.

The Tokyo District Court ordered a prohibitory injunction to Daiichi Radioisotope Lab, Ltd. (President: Junzo Okuda) for the suspension of production and sales of the respective product, "PIVKA II Daiichi IRMA" in a decision dated March 31, based on the claim of Eisai Co., Ltd. (Haruo Naito: President) concerning patent infringement. In accordance with the order, the District Court executed the prohibitory injunction today.

In the ruling it was decided that "PIVKA-II IRMA Daiichi" production, sales, and assignment infringes the patent concerning the basis of diagnostic procedures of Eisai's external diagnostic medical products Eitest PIVKA-II and Picolomi PIVKA-II based on Eisai's claim before the Court in January of 1998.

Eitest PIVKA-II and Picolomi PIVKA-II are products used for the detection of liver cell cancer and were researched and developed by Eisai Co., Ltd. Eisai also licensed both products to its subsidiary, Sanko Junyaku (President: Ryo Watanabe) which conducts sales.

Eisai has already obtained the patent concerning the basis of the diagnostic procedures of Eitest PIVKA-II and Picolomi PIVKA-II under issue in the patent infringement case and the patent for this technology expires in March 2011.

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