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News Release

November 10, 1998

Notice of Consolidated Business Results For cast Revision For the Fiscal Year Ending March 1999

NOTICE November 10, 1998

Listed Stock Name: Eisai Co., Ltd
Head Office Location:   4-6-10 Koishikawa, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo
Code: 4523
Listed Locations: First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
& Osaka Securities Exchange
Inquiries: Mr.Tai Shimizu, Board Member,
Director General Affairs Division
Phone 81-3-3817-5053

Notice of Consolidated Business Results Forecast Revision
For the Fiscal Year Ending March 1999

I1. For the Fiscal Year ending March 1999 (April 1, 1998-March31, 1999), the business results forecast was made on May 21,1998 and the table below notes a revision to that forecast.
Unit: Yen Millions,%percent
  Net Sales Ordinary Income Net Income
May 1998 Forecast (A) yen310,000 yen43,500 yen23,000
Revised Forecast (B) yen290,000 yen33,500 yen14,500
Increase/Decrease (B)-(A) -yen20,000 -yen10,000 -yen8,500
%percent Increase
- 6.5%
- 23.0%
- 37.0%

II2. The reasons for the above revision are noted below.
The parent company of the consolidated entity (Eisai Co.,Ltd.) made a results revision necessitating a results revision in consolidatetd financial accounts. The revision in ordinary income reflects a partial regulatory change in the treatment of enterprise taxes in financial accounts.

III3. Reference Previous Fiscal Year Business Results(April 1997-March 1998)
Unit: Yen Millions
  Net Sales Ordinary Income Net Income
Business Year Results yen301,759 yen41,363 yen19,793

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