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News Release

June 2, 1998

Eisai and Toprak Sign Agreement for Marketing of Pharmaceuticals in Turkey

Tokyo (June 2, 1998) - Eisai Co., Ltd. of Tokyo (President and CEO:Haruo Naito) today announced the conclusion of a marketing agreement for the export of four Eisai products with Toprak Pharmaceuticals (President: Atalay Sahinoglu), the pharmaceutical subsidiary of Halis Toprak Holding (Headquarters: Istanbul, Turkey; Chairman: Halis Toprak).

The four products include: SELBEX, a gastritis/gastric ulcer medication;METHYCOBAL, a peripheral neuropathies remedy; MYONAL, a muscle relaxant; and MERISLON,a treatment for vertigo and equilibrium disturbances.

Under the agreement, Eisai will export semi-finished products and Toprak will package the products for sale in Turkey. Sales are expected to begin around 1999. In the future, Eisai will export drug substance and Toprak will formulate as well as package the products.

Halis Toprak Holding is one of Turkey's leading group of companies with large scale investments in industrial assemblies such as ceramics, sanitary ware, paper, cast iron, and healthcare products as well as in commercial and financial sectors. Respect to nature and mankind is the main motto behind all Toprak Holding investments. Toprak Holding's total sales in 1997 were approximately yen300 billion.

Eisai Co., Ltd. is a research-based human health care company which discovers, develops and markets products in more than 30 countries. Through its global network of research facilities, manufacturing sites and marketing subsidiaries, Eisai actively participates in all aspects of the worldwide health care systems. The company reported sales of yen301.8 billion in 1997 with approximately 15 percent of sales spent for research and development.

SELBEX, METHYCOBAL, MYONAL, MERISLON are trademarks of Eisai Co., Ltd.