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News Release

Information in the news releases is current on the date of the announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

2005 Release

December 27, 2005 Eisai Receives confirmation that Aricept(R) (donepezil hydrochloride), Orodispersible Tablet has successfully completed the Mutual Recognition Procedure in the 12 EU countries
December 26, 2005 New Drug Application for Rheumatoid Arthritis Drug Adalimumab (D2E7) Submitted in Japan
December 22, 2005 Eisai applies for a new indication of Severe Alzheimer's disease for Aricept(R) (donepezil hydrochloride) in Japan
December 19, 2005 Eisai Resubmits the sNDA Application for Aricept(R) for Treatment of Severe Alzheimer's Disease
December 12, 2005 Eisai Presented Phase II Data on E7389, a Potential New Therapy for the treatment of Breast Cancer, in US Conference
December 8, 2005 Eisai Commences U.S. Legal Action over Aricept(R) ANDA Filing
November 29, 2005 Part of a news report on cash dividends of Eisai Co., Ltd.
November 25, 2005 Termination of Marketing Alliance on Rulid(R) Tablets 150mg
November 18, 2005 Eisai Resubmits NDA Application for the Anti-epilepsy Drug Rufinamide
November 1, 2005 SELBELLE(R) Tablets Launched by Eisai Medication that Improves Stomach Function by Protecting Gastric Mucosa from Stomach Acid
October 28, 2005 Eisai Announces About the sNDA Application for ARICEPT(R) for Treatment of Severe Alzheimer's Disease
October 28, 2005 Eisai Licenses E6020 Vaccine Adjuvant to Sanofi Pasteur SA
October 11, 2005 Eisai and TorreyPines Therapeutics Enter Into a New Alliance Contract Regarding a New Genetic Research Program for Alzheimer's Disease
September 29, 2005 Dainippon and Eisai Signed Licensing Agreement for A Potential New Treatment for Diabetic Neuropathy
September 28, 2005 Eisai Announces Exclusive In-License of All U.S. Promotional Rights for FRAGMIN (R), an Injectable Anti-Clotting Agent
September 22, 2005 Lost Hard Disk Drive Containing Personal Information in Japan
September 13, 2005 Eisai Submits New Drug Application for the Anti-epileptic Agent Rufinamide in the United States
September 12, 2005 Notice Concerning The Change of The Distribution Company from Aventis Pharma to Eisai for “Actonel(R) 2.5mg Tablets” of Ajinomoto
September 1, 2005 Eisai Submitted Application to FDA for ARICEPT(R) for Treatment of Severe Alzheimer's Disease
August 29, 2005 Eisai Announces Successful Results in a Phase II Study of E5564 (eritoran) for Treatment of Severe Sepsis
August 26, 2005 Eisai Announces Strategic Alliance With BioArctic Neuroscience To Develop Immunotherapy For Alzheimer's Disease
August 24, 2005 Sanko Junyaku and Eisai Initiate Co-promoting Yamasa Corporation's Diagnostic Kit for Interstitial Pneumonia, SP-D EIA KIT YAMASA
August 22, 2005 Eisai Launches Antiasthmatic, Antitussive and Expectorant, ASTHPHYLLIN(R) S Tablets
August 2, 2005 Eisai Receives Approval for Cleactor(R) Inj for Acute Pulmonary Embolism in Japan
July 14, 2005 Eisai Announces Establishment of a Pharmaceuticals Marketing Subsidiary in Sweden
July 1, 2005 Notice Concerning Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights) Including the Amount Paid In Upon the Exercise of Stock Options
June 27, 2005 Eisai Announces Launch of Zonegran(R)(zonisamide), Treatment For Epilepsy In the U.K. and Germany
June 24, 2005 Notice on Allotment of Stock Options (Stock Acquisition Rights)
June 9, 2005 Eisai Announces Establishment of its Pharmaceuticals Marketing Subsidiary in Switzerland
May 30, 2005 Concerning Theft of a Computer of Eisai's Subsidiary Sanko Junyaku Containing Personal Information
May 24, 2005 Eisai Receives Marketing Authorization Approval for Aricept(R) Evess (donepezil hydrochloride), Orodispersible Tablet in the U.K.
May 16, 2005 Notice on Providing Stock Options in the Form of New Stock Issuance
April 11, 2005 Eisai and Abbott Signed a Joint Development Agreement for new indication, psoriasis, of anti-rheumatic agent D2E7 (adalimumab)
April 1, 2005 Eisai Announces the Merger of Two Subsidiaries in Taiwan
March 30, 2005 Eisai Announces Submission of Marketing Authorization Application of the Anti-epileptic Agent Inovelon(R) in Europe
March 29, 2005 Dainippon Pharmaceutical and Eisai Conclude Agreement for the Development, Manufacture and Marketing of the Anti-Epileptic Agent Zonisamide in Asia
March 24, 2005 Eisai files Lawsuits against Companies Selling Generic Products of Eisai's Selbex(R) Capsule 50 mg based on the Unfair Competition Prevention Law in the Japanese Market
March 18, 2005 Eisai and TorreyPines Therapeutics Announces Second Major Discovery Alliance
March 16, 2005 Eisai Receives Zonegran(R) Marketing Authorization
Granted by European Commission
March 15, 2005 Eisai Files Application for A New Indication for PARIET(R) (rabeprazole sodium) in Japan for H. Pylori Eradication Indication
February 25, 2005 Eisai Announces the Intermediate Analysis of Anti-osteoporosis Treatment Post-marketing Research to Investigate the Benefits of Menatetrenone As Part of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare's Pharmacoepidemiological Drug Review Program
February 25, 2005 US FDA Tentative Approval for ANDA filing of Donepezil Hydrochloride
February 24, 2005 Eisai Announces Establishment of its Pharmaceuticals
Marketing Subsidiary in Italy
February 2, 2005 Notice Concerning Revision of Year End Dividend Forecast For Fiscal Year Period (93rd Company Fiscal Period) Ending March 2005
February 2, 2005 Transfer of Marketing Rights of ACE Inhibitor Inhibace(R) from Eisai to Chugai
January 18, 2005 ACIPHEX(R)/ PARIET(R) Expanded Manufacturing Facility Completed at Misato Plant

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