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News Release

Information in the news releases is current on the date of the announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

2003 Release

December 22, 2003 Eisai Submits MAA for New Formulation of ARICEPT (R) (donepezil hydrochloride), Rapid Disintegration Tablet in the European Union
December 18, 2003 Eisai Submits NDAs for New Formulations of ARICEPT (R) (donepezil hydrochloride), Rapid Disintegration Tablet and Liquid Formulation in the U.S.
December 15, 2003 Eisai Submits PARIET (R) (rabeprazole sodium) for Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome and Other Pathological Hypersecretory Conditions in the European Union
November 21, 2003 Eisai Commences US Legal Action Over Aciphex(R) ANDA Filings
November 13, 2003 Notice of Conclusion of License Agreement Regarding Research Information of Lung Cancer Gene
November 10, 2003 Eisai Launches Natural Vitamin E Capsule, JUVELUX(R) E PURE
November 5, 2003 Notice Concerning Food Additives and Chemicals Division to be split off into a Newly Incorporated Subsidiary
November 5, 2003 Notice Concerning Dissolution of Subsidiary
October 22, 2003 Voluntary Product Recall of SKAINAR(R) ANTITUSSIVE & EXPECTORANT
September 24, 2003 Toyama Chemical and Eisai Announce NDA submission to the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
September 18, 2003 Eisai Launches SKAINAR(R) S TABLETS FOR RHINITIS
Containing Pseudoephedrine Hydrochloride for Nasal Congestion
September 16, 2003 Eisai Submits Application for PARIET (R) (rabeprazole sodium) for the On-Demand Therapy of Symptomatic GORD in the European Union
September 12, 2003 Eisai Launches MAXALT (R) 10 mg Tablet, MAXALT RPD (R) 10 mg Tablet , 5-HT1B/1D Receptor Agonist-Type Migraine Treatment Agents
September 9, 2003 Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Announces NDA Submission for Parkinson's Disease Treatment
September 3, 2003 Notice Concerning the Exemption from the Substitutional Portion of Eisai's Welfare Pension Fund
August 19, 2003 Eisai Launches NABOLIN(R)S, a Mecobalamin (Activated Vitamin B12) Tablet
July 30, 2003 Partial Amendment of the Marketing Alliance Agreement for the Migraine Treatment MAXALT (R)
July 30, 2003 Food Additives and Chemicals Division to be placed into Subsidiary Company
July 18, 2003 PARIET (R) 10 mg Receives Approval for Maintenance Therapy for Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease
July 4, 2003 Non-Approvable Letter Received from FDA for ARICEPT (R) for VaD Treatment Indication
July 1, 2003 Notice Concerning Stock Options Including the Amount to Be Paid for the Exercise of Stock Options
June 24, 2003 Notice of Allotment of Stock Options
June 23, 2003 Eisai Launches Activated Vitamin B2 Tablet, CHOCOLA(R)BB PLUS
May 26, 2003 Eisai Submits sNDA for CLEACTOR(R) for Acute Pulmonary Embolism
May 15, 2003 Teva and Eisai Sign Agreement for Co-Development of Rasagiline for Alzheimer's Disease, and Co-Promotion for Parkinson's Disease, in the U.S.
May 13, 2003 Notice on Providing Stock Options in the Form of New Stock Issuance
May 13, 2003 Notice Concerning Acquisition of the Company's Own Shares in the Market
February 26, 2003 Kyorin and Eisai Form an Alliance on Marketing of "rizatriptan benzoate" (generic name), an agent for migraine
February 25, 2003 Sanko Junyaku Co., Ltd., Eisai Co., Ltd. and FUJIREBIO INC. Conclude Joint Research Agreement for DCP Test Kit for Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC)
February 24, 2003 Eisai Co., Ltd. Establishes 'Neuroscience for Drug Discovery Research' Program at Kyoto University
February 24, 2003 CHOCOLA(R)FE CARE, A 50ml Bottle Iron and Medicinal Herb Extract Drink
February 6, 2003 Eisai Co., Ltd. Starts SKAINAR(R) Pollen Information Service
February 3, 2003 E7155, MRI Contrast Agent Application Withdrawn in Japan
January 15, 2003 Eisai Co., Ltd. and Mitsui Knowledge Industry Co., Ltd. Conclude Comprehensive Mutual Cooperation Agreement
January 14, 2003 Eisai Co., Ltd. Announces U.S. Subsidiary, Eisai Inc., to Increase Pharmaceutical Sales Force by 60 Percent
January 7, 2003 Eisai Inc., a U.S. Subsidiary of Eisai Co., Ltd. Assumes All Distribution Responsibilities for ARICEPT (R)

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