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News Release

Information in the news releases is current on the date of the announcement, but is subject to change without prior notice.

2001 Release

December 19, 2001 Environmental and Social Report 2001 Released By EISAI Co., Ltd.
December 18, 2001 Settlement Reached with U.S. Direct Purchasers and Acceptance of the Notice from the European Commission Decision Regarding Sales of Bulk Synthetic Vitamin E
November 22, 2001 Notice Received from the European Commission Regarding Sales of Bulk Synthetic Vitamin E
November 5, 2001 CHOCOLA BB(R) ROYAL, a 50 ml Bottle Vitamin B2 Drink Launched By EISAI
November 1, 2001 Eisai Announces Plans to Establish Subsidiary in Spain
October 9, 2001 SELBELLE(R), A Gastrointestinal Medication Launched By EISAI
October 9, 2001 EISAI Launches BREATHE RIGHT(R) COOL Nasal Strips
October 4, 2001 Notice of Consolidated Interim Period (April 1, 2001 - September 30, 2001) Business Results Forecast Revision
September 5, 2001 EISAI Launches CHOCOLA SAHNE(R) LOTION A Treatment For Dry Itchy Skin
September 3, 2001 Pariet* (rabeprazole) Receives Approval For The Treatment Of Symptomatic GORD In The European Union
August 29, 2001 EISAI U.S.A. Inc. Discontinues U.S. Synthetic Vitamin E and Chemical Operations
August 1, 2001 Notice Relating to the Terms and Conditions of the Stock Option System through New Stock Issuance
July 16, 2001 CHOCOLA BB(R) LIGHT, a 100 ml Bottle Vitamin B2 Drink Launched By EISAI
June 25, 2001 Eisai Introduces a Special R&D Incentive System
May 17, 2001 Notice on Providing Stock Options in the Form of New Stock Issuance ("New Stock Issuance for Stock Option as stipulated by Commercial Law 280-19)
April 24, 2001 Eisai Co., Ltd. and Neurogenetics, Inc. Sign Agreement
April 10, 2001 Eisai Co., Ltd. to License Incyte Genomics Lifeseq(R) Gold Online
March 29, 2001 Eisai Announces Consulting Agreement with Masashi Yanagisawa, M.D., Ph.D. (An Investigator at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute and a University of Texas Professor)
March 26, 2001 Eisai Announces the Establishment of Sunplanet Co., Ltd. A Holding Company for 5 Consolidated Subsidiaries
March 21, 2001 "Don't Surrender to Dementia" Website Opens
February 21, 2001 Notice of Revision of Forecast Year End Dividend For Fiscal Year Period (89th Company Fiscal Period) Ending March 2001
January 10, 2001 Eisai Launches UBITEN S
-An Energy and Blood Circulation Improvement Product-

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