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News Release

March 1, 2016

Notification Regarding Change in Representative Corporate Officers

Listed Company Name: Eisai Co., Ltd.
Representative: Haruo Naito
Representative Corporate
Officer and CEO
Securities Code: 4523
Stock Exchange Listing: First Section of the Tokyo
Stock Exchange
Inquiries: Sayoko Sasaki
Vice President,Corporate Affairs
Phone +81-3-3817-5120

At its Board of Directors meeting held today on March 1, 2016, Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, CEO: Haruo Naito, “Eisai”) confirmed the following change in its Representative Corporate Officers, effective March 31, 2016.

1.  Change in Representative Corporate Officers

  (Retiring Representative Corporate Officer)

  Hajime Shimizu (currently Representative Corporate Officer, EA Pharma and Japan Subsidiaries [CEO Office])
*Scheduled to become the Representative Director and President of EA Pharma Co., Ltd. on April 1, 2016
2.  Scheduled Date of Retirement

  March 31, 2016