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Correction of the English Reference Data

November 9, 2006
Eisai Co., Ltd.
Corporate Communications Department

We would like to inform you of a few typographical errors on the proper nouns as well as financial terms in the English Reference Data of the semiannual period September 30, 2006. Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences this may cause.

< Correction >

  1. 1.Reference Data, page 9
    2. Consolidated Balance Sheet <Liabilities and Shareholders' Equity>
    Treasury Stock<Decrease Factor(s)> ---> Treasury Stock (Deduction from Equity) <Increase Factor(s)>
  2. 2.Reference Data, page 10
    3-2 Top 10 Shareholders
    The second line:
    Nihon Trustee Service Trust Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account) ---> Nippon Life Insurance Company
    The third line:
    Nippon Life Insurance Co. ---> Japan Trustee Services Bank, Ltd. (Trust Account)
  3. 3.Reference Data, page 12
    IV. Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows
    Decrease in trade receivables ---> Increase in trade receivables
    <Decrease Factor(s)> Setting of Trust (Debt securities) ---> <Increase Factor(s)> Purchases of securities
  4. 4.Reference Data, page 29
    Ongoing and recent developments from April 2006
    Achiphex ---> Aciphex
  5. 5.Reference Data, page 30
    1-5 Phase II Footnote

We have put the corrected reference data in the Eisai's website shown below.