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Message to Investors

New Medium-Term Business Plan ‘EWAY 2025’

Considering the expansion of the middle-income class in emerging countries and the global aging of society that lead to an increase in non-communicable diseases such as cancer, lifestyle diseases and dementia, the quality, efficiency and sustainability of healthcare are being increasingly required. In order to respond to the coming environmental changes to the global pharmaceutical industry over the next decade, Eisai has set out a new medium-term business plan ‘EWAY 2025’ along seven themes, namely: “Patient-centricity”, “Prevention, Cure and Care”, “Regional Care / Home Care”, “Outcomes”, “Payers”, “Access” and “Digital Technology”, and initiated the plan in April 2016. Eisai will firmly contribute to patients continuously with looking ahead the goal which must be reached 10 years later.
‘EWAY 2025’ consists of three Strategic Intents. The basis of the three Strategic Intents is Eisai's corporate philosophy of human health care (hhc) which reflects its desire to contribute to patients. Strong motivation driven by spending time together and sharing experiences with patients and understanding their true needs is the source of Eisai's innovation. The core concept of ‘EWAY 2025’ is to discover our so-called “Ricchi”, which are areas where real patient needs are still unmet and where Eisai can become a frontrunner. Eisai will play a leading role and establish a center line at “Ricchi” by leveraging our innovation.

Strategic Intent 1
Aim to support patients' thought “I do not want to get sick. I want to know if I get sick, and I want to be cured.”

In order to maximize patient satisfaction, Eisai has designated Neurology and Oncology as strategic therapeutic areas of focus and has established business groups in each of these areas. Under end-to-end organizations that aggregate all functions from research and development through to sales, these business groups quickly decide on key matters such as prioritizing the pipeline, adopting lifecycle management and changing the commercial mix.
In Neurology, Eisai will focus on spurring innovation in six Ricchi: “1. Early and Minimally Invasive Diagnostics”, “2. Novel Neuro-Transmission Pathways”, “3. Proteinopathy”, “4. Neuro-Inflammation and Immuno-Genetics”, “5. Synapse Micro-Environment”, and “6. Neuronal Regeneration”. Meanwhile, in Oncology, we will promote innovation in four Ricchi consisting of three types of cells in the cancer microenvironment, specifically: “1. Mesenchymal Cells and Stromal Cells”, “2. Myeloid Cells”, “3. Endothelial Cells”, and “4. Driver Gene Mutation and Aberrant Splicing within Cancer Cells”.
In parallel, Eisai has established an hhc Data Creation Center that will centrally collect, manage and enable one-stop access to various kinds of external big data, including real world data and genomic data, and other data accumulated within Eisai. By analyzing these data with the free use of sophisticated parsing techniques such as artificial intelligence, Eisai will identify new potential drug targets and biomarkers, and provide solutions that match the individual needs of patients. We aim to make medicines that realize cure of diseases (Curative Medicine) and preemption of diseases (Preemptive Medicine).

Strategic Intent 2
Aim to support patients' thought “I want to control my disease in my neighborhood and safely spend the rest of my life with peace of mind.”

Striving to respond to forecasted reforms to the medical system including the specialization and coordination of medical functions as well as the enhancement of home care, Eisai is implementing a change to the business mix with medical, outcomes and access at the core to focus on regional care. Especially in Japan, Eisai plans to create evidence to show how a mix of products from EA Pharma Co., Ltd. (gastrointestinal disease business) and Elmed Eisai Co., Ltd. (generic business) in addition to Eisai can bring about the best outcomes for diseases with high incidence that require home care such as dementia, insomnia, osteoporosis, and constipation, as well as increase access for patients. Furthermore, Eisai aims to roll out a dementia solutions business, based on knowledge and experience in the area of dementia built up since the launch of Aricept. Eisai will provide new solutions by using the tools, such as a “Interprofessional collaboration service”, “Support tool for going out” and “Adherence support device”, in order to contribute to the realization of a society that co-exists with dementia.

Strategic Intent 3
Focus on a business domain where Eisai can find out “Ricchi” based on hhc needs and fulfill them with Eisai innovation

Eisai's business portfolio is now concentrated into six areas consisting of Neurology Business, Oncology Business, EA Pharma, Generics Business, Consumer hhc Business and Dementia Solutions Business, where “Ricchi” can be found out and Eisai can innovate constantly in. In the global production system as well, Eisai intends to establish innovation based “Ricchi” by utilizing the strengths of each factory, as well as expand demand innovation activities on a global scale.

Towards 2025

To achieve dramatic growth toward fiscal 2025, Eisai aims to create 13 flagship drugs including next generation Alzheimer's disease drugs and small molecule precision medicines in Oncology areas leveraging our “Ricchi” in the neurology and oncology areas. Towards fiscal 2025, Eisai will satisfy patient needs in “prevention, cure and care” as a Medico Societal Innovator by providing Preemptive Medicines, Curative Medicines, and Solutions. Eisai will also seek to contribute to community-based healthcare that delivers safety and peace to patients and their families through a business mix driven by medical, outcomes and access functions.

Eisai would like to undertake stakeholder's mandate by increasing corporate value continuously under the concept of human health care (hhc) and compliance. We ask all our stakeholders for their continued support.

August 2016

Signature: Haruo Naito
Haruo Naito
Representative Corporate Officer and CEO