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 Stronger Neo-Minophagen® C
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A medication for liver disease and anti-allergy agent. It was developed by Minophagen Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., with whom Eisai entered into a licensing contract in December 2007, acquiring exclusive rights to develop and market this and a second product, Glycyron® Tablets, in Japan and countries in Europe and Asia where they had not been previously marketed, in addition to priority negotiating rights for exclusive marketing rights in Europe and Asia, including China, where they have yet to be launched. In particular, this treatment is widely used for the purpose of improving hepatic function in cases of hepatitis C in which the patient has difficulty eliminating the virus. Stronger Neo-Minophagen® C is launched in Japan and Taiwan in April 2008 and December 2008, respectively. Glycyron® is launched in Japan in October 2008.

*As of April 2016, Stronger Neo-Minophagen® C and Glycyron® are marketed in Japan by EA Pharma Co., Ltd.


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