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Understanding Eisai

What is the Essence of Eisai?: All employees share the corporate philosophy of practicing “human health care” (hhc).

Key Players in health Care

Eisai's corporate philosophy includes the realization of human health care (hhc).
Based on a clear understanding that patients as well as their families and consumers are the key players in health care, we carry a sense of pride in providing benefits to such persons. This philosophy is summarized by the term “hhc.”

What Would Florence Nightingale Do?

hhc-human health care
This corporate philosophy was included in Eisai's Articles of Incorporation in 2005. Section 1, Article 2 contains four specific statements on the company's philosophy, and these are shared by all employees. Eisai also undertakes a variety of initiatives to realize this corporate philosophy from the perspective of stakeholders.
The script for our hhc logo was taken from the signature of Florence Nightingale (1820–1910), the British pioneer of modern nursing.
“What would Florence Nightingale do?” Every glance at this logo, whose design was inspired by her own handwriting, serves to ask us this question.

What are Eisai's Strengths and Characteristics?
What are Eisai's Promising New Drug Candidates?

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What is hhc?
Compliance Activities
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   Understanding Eisai

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