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Understanding Eisai

What are Eisai's Strengths and Characteristics?: Based on our human health care (hhc) philosophy, we are actively working to generate new innovation capacities.

Research & Development Structure

Eisai has identified neurology and oncology as important areas where there are many diseases for which treatments are still not well established and Eisai can find “Ricchi” to become a front runner in. Concentrating our R&D resources in these areas, Eisai is striving to discover new highly effective treatments especially for neurology and oncology.
The Neurology Business Group (NBG) and Oncology Business Group (OBG) were established in April 2016, and each possesses all functions relating to drug discovery research and clinical research. In addition, the hhc Data Creation Center was established to integrate knowledge and data from both business groups with the aim of creating new knowledge. Taking up the role of big data center for the entire Eisai Group, the hhc Data Creation Center will initially begin to pursue potential targets for product creation and identity biomarkers. In addition, a Medicine Development Center was newly established to integrate support functions for drug discovery, including for non-clinical research (safety and pharmacokinetics), CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing, and Controls), pharmaceutical regulations, and support for clinical development. The Medicine Development Center will provide powerful and effective support for research and development at both the NBG and OBG.

Eisai's Drug Discovery Research Sites Worldwide

Eisai carries out drug discovery research, drug development research and clinical research throughout the world. Eisai pursues innovative new drug discovery by promoting the exchange of various knowledge and ideas from around the world.

Drug Discovery Research Sites Worldwide

Which Therapeutic Areas is Eisai Particularly Focusing on?
What is the Essence of Eisai?

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   Understanding Eisai

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