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Understanding Eisai

Chocola BB and Nabolin are Eisai's Main Products?: Eisai is an R&D-based Global Pharmaceutical Company with a Strong Focus on Prescription Drugs.

A-Comprehensive Pharmaceutical Manufacturer with a Focus on Prescription medicines

Eisai is a pharmaceutical company operating globally in terms of R&D, manufacturing, distribution and marketing, with a strong focus on prescription drugs. In Japan, Eisai runs integrated business operations, markets prescription pharmaceuticals as well as consumer healthcare products sold in pharmacies and drugstores, diagnostic products, and generics.

Revenue by Reporting Segment in FY2016
Sales of consumer healthcare products such as those in our Chocola BB® series, household name in Japan, account for a small percentage of Eisai's total sales, with prescription drug products accounting for over 90%. The provision of the original products developed for each business segment contributes to Eisai's ability to meet the needs of patients and consumers.

Eisai's global brands that are now expanding all throughout the world include Fycompa®, an antiepileptic agent discovered and developed in-house, BELVIQ®, an antiobesity agent currently marketed in the United States, and in the field of oncology there is Halaven®, as well as Lenvima®. Eisai predicts further growth for these in-house developed anticancer agents in the future, and is working to expand these brands throughout the world starting with Japan, the United States and Europe.

Other Well-Known Consumer Healthcare Products in Japan

Consumer healthcare products such as Chocola BB® series are well known to the public from television commercials and other advertising in Japan, have long been well-known products in consumers' day-to-day lives and continue to sell well.
Eisai has extended marketing strategy to provide new consumer healthcare products lineup through on-line retailing. Eisai has launched new products such as ‘Juvela® Zeitaku Polyphenol’, which contains an ideal balance of polyphenols extracted from six different sources with natural Vitamin E and ‘Collagen Aojiru’, food with nutrient function claims.

Which are Eisai's Global Brands?

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   Understanding Eisai

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