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Understanding Eisai

1 Minute Guide to 4 Key Points

Point1 Products

Eisai is particularly well-known in Japan for its over-the-counter (OTC) products such as Chocola BB products, which remain strong household names. OTC products, however, account for only a small percentage of total sales and a large part of our operations focuses on prescription medicines. Our core product for Alzheimer's disease, Aricept® is delivered as a leading global brand in over 70 countries and territories, and Halaven®, a novel anticancer agent, delivered in over 60 countries and territories. Furthermore, Eisai is expanding launch countries of anticancer agent, Lenvima®. In addition, our novel first-in-class antiepileptic agent, Fycompa® continues to expand its contribution to patients.

For more details see “Understanding Products”

Point2 Strengths

Eisai's corporate philosophy of human health care (hhc) is to give first thought to patients and their families, and increase the benefits that health care provides them. This philosophy is shared and implemented in the daily business activities of all Eisai employees, serving to effectively transcend nationalities, national borders, gender and age.
By focusing on resource investment in specific therapeutic areas, we aim to be the first to identify the latest trends in leading-edge technologies and other developments on the medical frontline in order to satisfy unmet medical needs. Furthermore, with the goal of ensuring that our innovative pharmaceutical products are available as early as possible to patients in need in each region, we continue to strengthen our innovation capabilities while proactively establishing a new business model that allows us to further contribute to improving access to medicines in emerging and developing countries.

For more details see “Understanding Strengths”

Point3 Research and Development (R&D)

Generally speaking, the process from discovery research to marketing of a new pharmaceutical product takes between 9 and 17 years, requiring anything from billions to tens of billions of yen in R&D costs. Eisai specifically focuses investment in resources for neuroscience and oncology, while continuing to conduct research and implement management practices that address the needs of our stakeholders, including through the development of revolutionary new drugs, addition of new indications and formulations to our existing products, and mergers and acquisitions (M&A). The company also continues to amass promising new candidates in these key therapeutic areas, with development of these agents in the late clinical trial stage.

For more details see “Understanding Research and Development (R&D)”

Point4 Business Results

Eisai's oncology-related products continue to perform favorably, driven by the growth of a novel anticancer agent, Halaven® and Lenvima®.
The company is proactively investing in R&D in order to launch new drugs, making effort to reduce SG&A to maintain steady growth in profitability and cash income.

For more details see “Understanding Business Results”
   Understanding Eisai

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