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Commitment & Passion for hhc

hhc driven innovation activities focusing on meals in the United States, Europe, and China

At Eisai, there are various hhc-driven activities that aim to realize contributions to patients and their families around the world based on our hhc corporate philosophy. Among those activities, we would like to introduce three initiatives conducted in the United States, Europe and China which are hhc-driven activities related to dietary lifestyle.

The United States:Magnolia - Meals at Home® – program for patients and families living with breast cancer

Eisai U.S. has launched a meal delivery program that aims to help patients by providing nourishing meals to households affected by breast cancer since 2012. Breast cancer treatment is often accompanied by challenges due to symptom progression and side effects of chemotherapy, which can make it more difficult to manage everyday tasks, such as food shopping or preparing meals. But meals with loved ones are important for everyone to get together, enjoy one another's company and strengthen the family bond. Magnolia Meals at Home is a meal delivery program that aims to help patients by providing nourishing meals to households affected by breast cancer so loved ones can spend more quality time together. The program is currently available in and around Woodcliff Lake, NJ, Andover, MA and Raleigh-Durham, NC (as well as areas in New York, New Hampshire and Boston, MA).

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Message provided by participants in Magnolia program

Europe:Creation of “Around the kitchen table” for cancer patients

Eisai EMEA (UK) has put together the “Around the Kitchen Table” chemotherapy cookbook for cancer patients partnering with a nurse, a dietician, a chef and cancer patients in the UK, Germany and France in 2012. When Eisai staff visited a cancer support center, they discovered some of the real challenges that people with cancer encounter trying to understand nutritional advice and translating that into food that is easy to cook at home. This became the inspiration for the cookbook. Cancer patients sometimes experience changes to their sense of taste and appetite from progression of symptoms and treatment. The cookbook provides recipes with suggested food layout, flavor and nutritional balance so that cancer patients can enjoy food as much as possible.

“Around the kitchen table” cookbook

China:Creating “i-Health” Cookbook for health

Eisai China has put together a cookbook, “i-Health”, for health maintenance by partnering with a healthcare professional specializing in traditional Chinese medicine in 2014. During Eisai colleagues' face-to-face interaction with disabled people, they found that disabled people are very eager to receive knowledge on how to stay healthy during the winter season and that they have a desire to cook healthy meals by themselves. But due to their limited mobility and constrained circumstances, they have no opportunity to obtain such knowledge much less prepare healthy meals by themselves especially during winter. Eisai China put forward a proposal for employees to submit healthy food recipes for this project, and after compiling all the recipes, the most appropriate recipes were carefully selected by a healthcare professional specializing in traditional Chinese medicine, forming the basis of the book. The cookbook provides recipes which would be easy to make and can improve their daily lives.

“i-Health” cookbook