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Compliance Program

In day-to-day corporate activities, it is necessary to ensure that decisions and conduct are carried out in a timely and appropriate manner. Eisai believes that compliance (with laws, regulations and ethical standards) is fundamental in carrying out of such decisions and conduct and has articulated its concept of compliance in its corporate philosophy, which is incorporated within its Articles of Incorporation.

Promoting Compliance Awareness

Compliance Promotion System

At the Eisai Group, the Corporate Compliance and Risk Management Department has been promoting global compliance activities under the leadership of the Chief Compliance Officer, a corporate officer who is responsible for promoting and supervising compliance Group-wide, through cooperation with compliance contacts and compliance departments appointed and established at each Group company.

Compliance Committee Comprised Primarily of External Lawyers

The Compliance Committee, an advisory committee to the Chief Compliance Officer consisting of external legal experts including lawyers and consultants both from Japan and outside of Japan, conducts an objective review of the Eisai Group's compliance activities on a regular basis. In addition, the Compliance Committee offers necessary advice and recommendations to the Chief Compliance Officer.

Compliance Handbook

To enable all officers and employees to carry out their activities with the same standard, Eisai has developed the “Compliance Handbook,” which includes the “Eisai Charter of Business Conduct”—the basis of the Eisai Group's corporate activities—and the “Code of Conduct,” which lays out the guidelines. In addition to Japanese, the handbook is available in English, Chinese and various other languages, which effectively promotes compliance awareness among officers and employees worldwide.

Publication of Compliance Handbook

Education and Training

Eisai conducts various compliance training initiatives for directors and officers, and other programs focusing on a specific department or specific personnel, such as for newly appointed managers and newly hired employees. In addition, compliance e-learning is also available, which enables employees to study at their convenience.

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System for Answering Employee Compliance-Related Questions and Early Detection of Compliance Issues

Compliance Counter

The Compliance Counter serves as a compliance consulting service for all officers and employees to utilize whenever they have compliance concerns about their own conduct or that of their supervisors or colleagues, or are having trouble interpreting laws or making other compliance decisions. In addition, the External Compliance Counter is based at an outside law office, providing a comfortable and easy to access environment that aims to further improve compliance.


GUIDEA is an external consultation desk that employees may contact about issues they are hesitant to consult the Compliance Counter on. The service is operated by non-Eisai consulting staff based on the standard practices of independence, neutrality and impartiality, confidentiality, and informality—set out in the International Ombudsman Association (IOA) Code of Ethics.

Distribution of Compliance Cards

Compliance Cards have been prepared and distributed to all officers and employees of the Eisai Group. These cards contain information on how to access the Compliance Counter as well as the Compliance Test service, a self-examination tool that employees may use whenever they feel uncertain as to whether or not their conduct complies with the Group's compliance policies.

Distribution of Compliance Card

A Charter of Business Conduct was established for conducting business activities based on compliance in the Eisai Group. All directors, officers and employees are required, in the conduct of their daily business activities, to act strictly in accordance with this Charter, working to achieve the corporate goals that this Charter defines.

  • Code of Conduct

The purpose of this Code is to give every Eisai personnel information about how they can act in accordance with the Charter. The Code is a guide for our personnel to help minimize or eliminate the legal and ethical risks associated with our business activities.

  • Compliance Counters

Compliance Counters have been set up as a helpline to assist our directors, officers and employees to conduct their daily activities in line with Compliance. The Compliance Counter handles all inquiries and contacts related to Compliance.

It is designed for directors, officers, and employees of Eisai Group to ask themselves if they are not sure that they comply with our Compliance standards.

1.Could you openly tell your family what you have done?
2.Do you think it’s acceptable to be non-compliant as long as you are not found out?
3.How would it feel to read a report of your activities in the news or on social media?

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