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Message from Top Management

The world's pharmaceuticals market is shifting into an era of great globalization. Markets in developed countries are maturing, while opportunities for growth are expanding in emerging and developing countries. “Japan Revitalization Strategy: Japan is BACK” was adopted by the Cabinet in June 2013. In relation to the healthcare field, the Japanese government has formulated policies such as the “Healthcare and Medical Strategy” and “Vision for the Pharmaceutical Industry - 2013.” We believe that the pharmaceutical industry has a significant role to play in Japan's growth strategy.

The Eisai Group is committed to enhancing the lives of patients and their families by maximizing the value of multiple global brand products. The anticancer agent Halaven, which was developed in-house, has already been approved in 53 countries around the world and launched not only in Japan, the United States, and Europe, but also in the emerging markets of Russia and India. Following its launch in Europe, the antiepileptic agent Fycompa has now been launched in the United States, and a Phase III study is ongoing in Japan, China, and other parts of Asia.

Haruo Naito
Representative Corporate Officer and CEO

Alliances for BELVIQ, the weight management treatment launched in the United States in June 2013, have expanded worldwide. We are working toward development, filing, and expansion of indications in each country. In the field of dementia treatment, pioneered by Eisai, the Company concluded a joint development and commercialization agreement in March 2014 with Biogen Idec (U.S.A.), a company that specializes in neurodegenerative disorders. Our hope is that the alliance between Eisai—with knowledge and experience acquired through development of the Alzheimer's treatment Aricept—and Biogen Idec, with strengths in neurodegenerative disorders, will further reinforce the creation of a next-generation anti-Alzheimer's agent and enable us to deliver promising treatments as quickly as possible and enhance the lives of patients around the world.

We ask all of our shareholders for their continued support going forward.

Jun, 2014

Signature: Haruo Naito

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