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Message from Top Management

In FY2014, the Eisai Group carried out proactive investments for future growth. In particular, opportunities for significant growth are imminent in the fields of dementia and cancer treatment. In regards to the field of dementia treatment, we are promoting the development of next-generation treatments for Alzheimer's, which take our original and multifaceted approach based on the knowledge, experience and expertise accumulated by the Company in more than 30 years of drug discovery activities in the field. Meanwhile, in the field of oncology, following launch of the in-house developed Halaven, the Company launched in February 2015 another in-house discovery, Lenvima, in the United States. In the future, this agent will be made available to patients in Japan, Europe and other parts of the world so that Eisai may contribute to the enhancement of benefits to patients.
We ask all of our stakeholders for their continued support going forward.

Haruo Naito
Representative Corporate Officer and CEO

May, 2015

Signature: Haruo Naito

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