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Message from Top Management

This fiscal year, we launched Plan “EWAY 2025,” which is a new medium-termbusiness plan.
The strategic intent of this plan is to understand and fulfill the true needs of patients. “Patients do not want to become ill. If they do, they want to know and be cured as quickly as possible.” In meeting these needs, we seek to define and apply innovation to “Ricchi”—areas in which cures have not yet been attempted or found, and we have the potential of becoming a front-runner. Specifically focusing on therapeutic areas of dementia-related and neurodegenerative diseases, as well as oncology, we intend to utilize our innovation to play a leading role.
We ask all of our stakeholders for their continued support going forward.

Haruo Naito
Representative Corporate Officer and CEO

May, 2016

Signature: Haruo Naito

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