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May 7, 2012

3. Eisai Advocacy work examples (2/3)

  1. 2)Patient Groups
    Eisai works at times with patient groups around the world, for example on disease awareness campaigns. We do so where this can help achieve our company's hhc philosophy of increasing the benefit to patients and their families. Our interactions with patient groups are conducted in compliance with all relevant laws and ethical standards. In all countries in which we do business, Eisai adheres to the IFPMA Code (, which requires that:
    “All interactions with patient organizations must be ethical. The independence of patient organizations must be respected.”

We make sure that any information Eisai provides patient groups is balanced, accurate and easy to understand. Eisai does not conduct its activities with patient groups with the purpose of promoting its products or services.

Examples of Eisai working with patient groups include:

  1. ・Eisai's sponsorship of the Washington, DC portion of the Second Annual Breast Cancer Global Congress, held in October 2011
  2. ・Eisai's partnership with the US Alzheimer's Association to establish the C.A.R.E. (Commitment to Alzheimer's Recognition of Excellence) Award
  3. ・Nemu Circle (Breast cancer patient group in Japan)

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