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Access to Medicines

Our Approach

Access to medicines from our hhc philosophy

December 28, 2011

As explained in our corporate mission statement, we give our first thought to patients and their families and wish to meet their diversified health care needs world-wide. For this mission, all of us conduct our business together to make Eisai an “hhc” company which can make a meaningful contribution under any health care system.

Corporate Philosophy - Corporate Mission / Corporate Objective / ENC Charter of Business Conduct

What is hhc?

For realization of our hhc philosophy, we particularly emphasize the importance of “Socialization” in the “SECI (Socialization, Externalization, Combination, Internalization)” knowledge creation model. All Eisai employees around the world are encouraged to spend 1% of business time in socialization, namely spending time together with the patients. We believe that we are able to understand the reality of patients only by spending time with them.

Understanding our patients' reality in order to generate Demand Innovation

The Knowledge Creation Department at Eisai Headquarters facilitates various activities which encourage each of us to implement “knowledge creation” in our business. One such activity is facilitation of “hhc-driven innovation activities” in each organization or project in order to realize the hhc philosophy. We have more than 500 hhc projects around the world today. The “hhc Initiatives” event annually awards outstanding projects which have made great contributions to patients. Awarded employees and top management of Eisai affiliates attend the award ceremony and learn and share best practices and knowledge. The “hhc manager” or hhc activity facilitator at each Eisai group company meets regularly with regional peers.

Some of our access to medicines activities originate from such hhc activities. Especially with Alzheimer's disease, which is still not well recognized in many emerging and developing countries, we organize a wide range of activities, which includes disease awareness events, screening camps, face-to-face communications with and support of local patients, trainings of healthcare professionals, affordable pricing of Eisai products and more patient-friendly product development. Such activities are mainly conducted by locally-based Eisai colleagues who know the local environment and what the patients need most. They discuss and implement what could be done as a pharmaceutical company, as they communicate with patients and understand their reality and needs in their own countries. They also have opportunities to globally share their experience and obtain further support from Eisai peers.

Commitment & Passion for hhc

“Commitment & Passion for hhc” - The Passion of Overseas hhc Managers

There is also a malaria exploratory project at Eisai Product Creation System (R&D Division) which originated from their hhc activity.

Access to Medicines - Working together to fight malaria with new medicines: Exploratory research targeting GWT1

In order to better contribute to establishment of an integrated healthcare system in each country where we operate, we will further foster “hhc seeds” discovered by Eisai employees which should be nurtured into sustainable and global business activities and thus, better access of medicines.

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