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News Release

March 1, 2004

A New Vitamin B2 Drink for Alleviation of Skin Roughness

Eisai Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito) announced the March 2nd launch of CHOCOLA(R)BB DRINK II, a vitamin B2 supplement.

CHOCOLA(R)BB DRINK II is the first product of the CHOCOLA(R) DRINK family that is effective for alleviation of skin roughness. In addition to vitamin B2 that facilitates metabolism in the skin and mucosa, it contains vitamin B6, biotin, nicotinamide and extract of a medicinal herb, coix seed extract, which is effective for relieving skin disorders. This product contains the maximum quantity of vitamin B2 approved for vitamin B2 preparations, and alleviates physical fatigue as well as skin problems. Each bottle contains only 9.8Cal, no caffeine, and comes in an apple flavor. Consumers can take it before going to sleep.

With respect to the CHOCOLA(R) DRINK family of products, Eisai, in consideration of the needs of women, launched the first product, CHOCOLA(R)BB DRINK in 1990, and after the regulatory changes in drug distribution in 1999, it has marketed CHOCOLA(R)BB FRESH, CHOCOLA(R)BB LIGHT, CHOCOLA(R)BB ROYAL, and CHOCOLA(R) FE CARE. Through the launch of CHOCOLA(R)BB DRINK II, Eisai, utilizing the established CHOCOLA(R) brand, aims to appeal to consumers with skin problems in the drink-type supplement market.