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News Release

February 26, 2003

Kyorin and Eisai Form an Alliance on Marketing of "rizatriptan benzoate"
(generic name), an agent for migraine

Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
Eisai Co., Ltd.

Kyorin and Eisai Form an Alliance on Marketing of "rizatriptan benzoate"
(generic name), an agent for migraine

On February 26, Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. ("Kyorin", Head office: Tokyo, President: Ikuo Ogihara) and Eisai Co., Ltd. ("Eisai", Head office: Tokyo, President: Haruo Naito) have signed an agreement for jointly marketing an agent for migraine treatment, "rizatriptan benzoate" (MaxaltR: brand name in overseas), the finished product of which Kyorin has applied for the import approval in Japan.

The scheme of this alliance is as follows:
1. Kyorin will import the products (finished products) from Merck & Co., Inc. ("Merck") and supply them to Eisai.
2. Eisai will sell the products in Japan and both Kyorin and Eisai will do a sales promotion.
(1 brand, 1 channel, 2 promotion companies)
3. Both companies will deduct their selling expenses from proceeds and share the profit.

Kyorin will receive lump-sum contract payment from Eisai.

"MaxaltR" is a migraine treatment agent created by Merck. It was put on the U.S. market in June 1998 and has been approved by 78 countries around the world as of December 2002. In Japan, Kyorin has applied for import approval of the drug in November 2001.

Kyorin promotes a Franchise Customer strategy where its marketing activities are focused on the fields of respiratory internal medicine, otorhinology and urology. "Rizatriptan benzoate" will be promoted centering on the field of neurological internal medicine, thus. Kyorin believes that the collaboration with Eisai focusing its marketing activities on such field will speed up market penetration of "rizatriptan benzoate".
Eisai pursues global activities based on neurology and gastrointestinal fields. Eisai believes that marketing of "rizatriptan benzoate" in Japan will reinforce its product line-up in neurology field and contribute to the benefits of the wider population of the patients. Based on this background of Kyorin and Eisai, we have reached an agreement to form an alliance on marketing of "rizatriptan benzoate".
Kyorin and Eisai will be jointly engaged in expanding promotional activities and aim at top brand in the migraine market.

Kyorin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

Management Planning Department

Eisai Co., Ltd.

Public Relations Department


MaxaltR is a registered trademark of Merck & Co., Inc.