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The Eisai Group has adopted a new global business matrix structure consisting of two global business units (the Eisai Global Oncology Business Unit and the Eisai Global Neurology Business Unit) and five regions (Japan, the Americas, China, Asia, EMEA), in order to maximize value for patients through our global brand strategy.

With the synergy between the global brand strategy and the local marketing strengths of each region created by this structure, the Group aims to achieve further growth in its next generation of global brands while increasing the number of countries where these brands are marketed, in order to maximize our contribution to patients.

Japan: Eisai Japan

In Japan, activities to address diverse medical needs at every stage from prevention through to diagnosis, treatment and care are conducted under the Eisai Japan umbrella. Eisai Japan provides up-to-date medical information and therapeutic drugs while also focusing on disease education and support for various regional healthcare and nursing partnerships. These activities ensure patient satisfaction through innovative, value-added product creation and supply, including “community-building” initiatives that promote disease awareness so that patients are able to live safer and more comfortable lives with the support of their local community.

*Prescription Pharmaceuticals (Eisai Japan)

Eisai Japan's prescription pharmaceuticals business is responsible for Eisai drugs prescribed by physicians at hospitals and clinics across Japan. The treatment for Alzheimer’s disease Aricept® was approved as the world’s first treatment for dementia with Lewy bodies in Japan in September 2014. Furthermore, the proton-pump inhibitor Pariet® was also approved for a new indication in December 2014 for use in the prevention of recurrent gastric or duodenal ulcers caused by low-dose aspirin therapy. Meanwhile, the oncology franchise now includes the in-house discovered and developed anticancer agent Lenvima® launched in May 2015 indicated for the treatment of unrestable thyroid cancer, in addition to Halaven®, a novel anticancer agent developed in-house and indicated for the treatment of recurrent and metastatic breast cancer.
Additionally, Eisai Japan works on the expansion of effective and efficient promotional activities in all key therapeutic areas including neurology, gastroenterology, oncology, musculoskeletal diseases, and vascular and immunological reaction.

We believe that Eisai Japan's prescription pharmaceuticals business performs an important role in contributing to healthcare by providing healthcare professionals with highly reliable product information backed by the latest scientific evidence (clinical data) and ensuring that a stable supply of high-quality products is delivered to medical and medical-related institutions. To this end, we strive to provide up-to-date information on the appropriate use of our products while also gathering information on rapid advances in diagnostic treatment and the latest medical developments, all while thoroughly evaluating our activities for operational efficiency.

With an increasing number of medical institutions separating their functions and promoting collaboration in recent years, the current healthcare environment demands higher-quality, timely information-sharing activities that are more content-intensive in the information they provide. To accurately reflect this change in today's market, Eisai Japan has established a dual-unit system comprising an Integrated Community hhc Unit, which focuses on diseases like dementia and rheumatism that are often of particular concern to local medical communities, and an Oncology hhc Unit, which focuses on concerns about diagnosis held by patients with cancer who require treatment at crucial, life-threatening stages as well as partnerships in oncological therapy. Together, these two units aim to provide a more detailed response to patients' concerns and prevalent attitudes toward diagnosis. Furthermore, we have also established a Hospital Marketing Department and a Pharmacy Marketing Department to respond appropriately and attentively to Japan's constantly evolving medical distribution networks.

Meanwhile, strengthening the skills and knowledge of our MRs (medical representatives), whose information provision activities are conducted at Japan's medical frontline, is essential and we provide thorough education and training programs in this regard. Eisai Japan's MRs not only distribute information on pharmaceutical products but are also deliver patient satisfaction by providing information on diseases to patients, their families, and caregivers via a range of disease education and awareness activities.

Aricept Photo


Pariet Photo


*Generic Drugs (Eisai Japan)

Through Elmed Eisai Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary established in 1996, we are expanding our generic drugs business under the concept of developing “value-added generic drugs” that are accessibly priced and easy for patients to administer. Elmed Eisai works in close cooperation with MRs from Eisai Japan's prescription pharmaceuticals business to provide medical professionals with detailed product information as well as ensure the stable supply of high-quality generic drugs. As a member of the Eisai Group, Elmed Eisai strives to be a “human health care (hhc) company,” contributing to patients' lives through its supply of high-quality generic drugs.

*Consumer Healthcare Business (Japan)

Chocola BB Plus Photo

Chocola BB® Plus Tablets (Third-class OTC drug)

New Selbelle Photo

(left) New Selbelle® Tablets (Second-class OTC drug)
(right) New Selbelle® Fine Granules (Second-class OTC drug)

Nabolin Photo

Nabolin® S Tablets (Third-class OTC drug)

Crystal Veil Photo

(left) Crystal Veil® (Miscellaneous goods)
(right) Crystal Veil® Cool (Miscellaneous goods)

Eisai offers a variety of healthcare products ranging from over-the-counter drugs to nutritional supplements and personal care items that cater to the needs of Japanese consumers.

Eisai's mainstay consumer healthcare products include household names such as the Chocola BB® series, a range of vitamin drinks and tablets to support beauty and wellness, the Selbelle® series, which offers relief from various forms of stomach discomfort, the Nabolin® series, for the alleviation of severe stiffness of the shoulders and eye fatigue, and Crystal Veil®, for protection against viruses and pollen. Other OTC products include the Saclon® series, which offers refreshing relief of upset stomachs, and the Travelmin® series, for the relief of motion sickness. Furthermore, in an effort to address a wide range of customer needs and provide an ever-greater number of consumers with products to improve their health and well-being, the Consumer Healthcare Business has branched out to also provide Foods with Nutrient Function Claims, including the carbonated vitamin drink Chocola BB® Sparkling, Juvela® Zeitaku Polyphenol (available via mail order), and the Bi Chocola series, which was created to respond to the beauty needs of women.

Our Consumer Healthcare Business is the one business that allows us to get up-close and personal with consumers. We always make certain that we listen to the feedback provided to us by customers, pharmacists, and drugstore employees alike and utilize this information to ensure the development and improvement of high-quality products that benefit patients and enhance their quality of life.

Chocola BB Sparkling Photo

Chocola BB® Sparkling (Food with Nutrient Function Claims [Niacin])

Bi Chocola Collagen (Food with Nutrient Function Claims [Vitamin C, Vitamin B6])

Bi Chocola Collagen Gelée (Food with Nutrient Function Claims [Niacin])

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The Americas business is headquartered in New Jersey in the United States, from which it oversees the Group's marketing subsidiaries in the strategic markets of Mexico and Brazil in Central and South America as well as Canada.

In the United States, our organizational structure focuses on oncology and diseases of the central nervous system. The in-house discovered and developed anticancer agent Lenvima® was launched in February 2015, with the United States being the first country in the world to gain access to this treatment. In addition to marketing oncology products such as the anticancer agent Halaven® and the acute chemotherapy-induced nausea and vomiting preventive agent Aloxi®, the Group is working to increase the strength of its oncology lineup, launching the antiemetic agent Akynzeo® in October 2014.
In the field of neurology, together with marketing the in-house discovered AMPA receptor antagonist Fycompa® and the antiepileptic agent BANZEL® for the treatment of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, the Group aims to make a new contribution to patients with BELVIQ®, a treatment for obesity which has recently become a wider social issue.

In Canada, a strategic market, the Group markets Halaven®, Fycompa® and BANZEL®. In addition, the Group launched Halaven® in Brazil in November 2014, and has submitted applications for the approval of Fycompa® and BELVIQ®. In Mexico, the Group launched Halaven as well as the antineoplastic agent Gliadel®, and has submitted applications for BELVIQ® and Fycompa®.

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Eisai positions China as a key strategic market with considerable growth potential, establishing Eisai China Holdings Ltd. in November 2014 to further enhance its pharmaceutical production, sales and supply systems in China. Through the stable supply of high quality pharmaceutical products together with the provision of accurate information, Eisai strives to fulfill the diverse needs of patients and their families in China.

In China, together with maintaining the high growth potential of current products such as Methycobal®, the Group is also focused on expanding its contribution to patients of neurological and gastroenteral disease, marketing Aricept®, Pariet® and the liver disease / allergic disease treatment Stronger Neo-Minophagen C / Glycyron tablets. Aricept was approved for an additional indication of severe Alzheimer’s disease in February 2015, and the Group intends to submit an application for approval of the in-house developed anticancer agent Halaven® indicated as a third-line treatment for breast cancer in fiscal 2015, as its first oncology product for China.

Moving forward, the Group aims to efficiently spread its current products particularly in middle sized cities and growing regions, expanding access to medicine throughout the country.

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The Asia region covers markets in East Asia (South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau), Southeast Asia (Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos and Brunei) and South Asia (India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka). Our Asia business operations in particular enhance our competitive edge through synergies created based on knowledge sharing among Eisai Group personnel in each country and territory.

In addition to the anticancer agent Halaven®, the Group launched the antiepileptic agent Fycompa® in Asia for the first time in November 2014. Positioning diseases of the central nervous system (such as Alzheimer's disease and epilepsy), oncology, and diseases of the digestive system and liver as key therapeutic areas, we market a wide range of prescription pharmaceuticals under the Eisai brand as well as branded generics for related diseases and over-the-counter drugs to ensure increased access to our products, particularly for the rapidly growing middle-income populations of emerging countries.

At the same time, the Eisai Group remains committed to strengthening its business foundation through public-private partnerships (PPPs) to raise disease awareness and establishing alliances with local partners. We also implement an affordable pricing strategy via patient assistance programs that duly consider the social, economic and healthcare environments of each country. Among these, a tiered pricing model in which the cost burden to patients is differentiated according to income level, with costs ranging from full payment by the patient to free of charge, was introduced at launch for the sales of Halaven® in India in October 2013. Currently, tiered pricing schemes have also been implemented in Thailand, the Philippines, Malaysia and Hong Kong. Through these efforts, we aim to further contribute to improving patient access to medicines.

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EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa)

Our EMEA regional operations are headquartered in the United Kingdom, with pharmaceutical sales subsidiaries located in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, the Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, Portugal, Belgium, Russia and Australia. These subsidiaries enable us to market high-quality products throughout 41 countries in this region alone (including local distributors, as of June 2015). In addition, the Group is promoting active investment in strategic markets (Russia and Australia).

The EMEA region is structured to optimize resources and drive growth under an organizational framework comprising two business units: oncology / institutional care, and epilepsy. Regarding oncology / institutional care, in addition to marketing the anticancer agent Halaven®, the anticancer agent Lenvima® was approved in Europe in May 2015 and launched in the United Kingdom in June 2015. As for the epilepsy franchise, the Group markets the antiepileptic agent Fycompa as well as antiepileptic agents Zonegran® and Zebinix® (Exalief® in Russia). Through expanding our portfolio of epilepsy products and subsequent launches in other countries, we aim to further contribute to increasing the benefits provided to patients and their families.

In the strategic market of Russia, the Group markets anticancer agent Halaven® and antiepileptic agents Zonegran®, Fycompa®, Exalief®, while Inovelon® has been submitted for regulatory review. In Australia, Halaven® was launched in October 2014 as the Group’s first product for the country.

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